Awakening with Planet Earth

“As we have all been talking about, we are in the growingly intense time of the Quickening. We are in the time where we are disconnecting from the lower system, shutting down our 10000 year history in the old system and the experience is none too comfortable (to say the least!). As we continue through this time, all that has been an issue for each of us (known and unknown) is becoming increasingly intense, there are two views to understand this from.

“1. As the light increases in the lower system, it highlights all of our distortions, all of our wounding which makes it both more painful, louder and intense, and also helps us to understand it more deeply so that we may unravel the mess, heal the wounds, shut down the contracts etc and end the entire thing, also….

“2. Darkness is watching the light increase, is seeing the…

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