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lavenderGreetings!, Greetings!, Greetings! My Beautiful Beings of Light. Take a deep breath and center your Essence, you’ve work to do.

My Beloveds, more and more energy has been pouring into the Earth Plane and you are finding yourselves tossed and tussled about. It is the moment in NOW to quiet and rearrange or integrate the energies now more fully into your Essence.

Find a quiet corner someplace you can stand undistributed for a few seconds. Go there and close your eyes and call in your Angels. Ask for their assistance to help you rearrange your energy fields so that they are in alignment with you own Divine Visions and Work at this time, My Beautiful Beings of Grace.  In your imagination visualize, see, sense or feel a swirling vortex around yourselves. However you see it is fine and now with your Angels assistance visualize in your imagination a large comb…

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