Starship Earth: The Big Picture

My friends, I am flabbergasted at the response via comments to the Prepare for Change Update regarding circumstances at the time of, and post-Event.

Now I understand why the archons/negative influences MUST be removed from the planet before The Event takes place—because some of us—even those who know the plan and I thought were somewhat enlightened, awake and prepared for some discomfort—are not ready.

It sounds like some would kill someone else for their money!

It sounds like some are more concerned about someone else getting more money than they get, or what might be considered that—due to circumstances, ie. whether someone already owns their home or not.

It sounds like when the banks close and people can’t use an ATM to get cash, some would be robbing and looting!

You’re getting upset about something that hasn’t even happened. You’re anticipating the worst instead of the best. What is about…

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