Infinite Shift

Pleiades High Council: You Are Becoming Pure Power Players in This Game That You Call Life, channeled by Anna Merkaba, Jul. 3, 2014,

As the procession of the heavenly bodies continues to operate in your skies, the radical influence of said energies continues to influence all who dwell on GAIA. Through the influence of said power, many more souls are beginning to awaken to their true identification principles, which are the encoded particles of their DNA structure.

The DNA of said individuals miraculously unwinds a long cord of structural components within, and brings forth the echo of yesteryear, and the ringing tones of ascension of tomorrow, binding said energies into the NOW moment of time. Binding the visible and invisible worlds and merging them together ever so gently.

As the awakening continues, you are beginning to experience things which you have believed yourselves to not be able to experience…

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