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JULY 3, 2014


Forcing Change

Change is a natural part of Life and being well with it becomes imperative to the ease of your growth, your Ascension.  Change is a result of a decision point, a choice.  Choice is made with the mind, though is best served with the mind and heart working together.  The mind creating change means that you must observe and weigh data, that which is known, and base your decision of the unknown on statistical data.  Even if the odds are with you, the discomfort of basing your unknown on data of the past or others is an indicator of the disconnect of the heart.  Because of your work with your Ascension, humanity as a whole has moved into a track of rapid evolution, personal responsibility and collective connection.  This process involves opening the heart and strengthening the Love that has been suppressed. This process involves learning to trust the Self, appreciate others and support empowerment in the Self and others.  Choosing; saying yes or no based on empowering sovereignty, is sometimes an uncomfortable experience, even with the heart open and aware.  It gets easier as you learn to trust yourself, your communication with your Higher Self, the Field of Life, the universal consciousness that you embody and that supports your Free Will at every turn.


You are now at a point of change that calls you to balance your directing and allowing, your patience and your action, your knowing and your trust. Change is calling you to greater participation with Life through your awareness and choice.  Choice is calling you to be the dominant Force in your Life, rather than defaulting to circumstances.  Your first choice is always internal.  When you find peace within, you are not giving up action, you are giving up resistance.  You are soothing the blessed ego that wants to keep you surviving into the strength of an ego that is well with thriving.  This is change in the balance of allowing and directing, patience and action.  Forcing Change out-of-balance is not finding a modicum of peace within before deciding on change.  Are you leaving a job or relationship that is uncomfortable without changing the Self?  Forcing Change within balance is recognizing and appreciating your discomfort with change, yet trusting the Self to be capable and creative.  Are you reading the clues of Life that are indicating a new direction?  Change is always an unknown, and minor emotional discomfort is merely an indicator of the new.  It need not be present, but if it is, appreciate that you are strengthening, changing and creating a new balance of power in the Love of Life.


As we sit to Blast Forcing Change, we pushing past resistance into the grace of peace within.  We are finding Love in all experience and Loving all that strengthens us through support or opposition, for Life is encouraging us in all forms of experience. We are doing the internal work that is first invisible, then indicated, then imbedded in choice.  We are teaching others through the example of Love’s power in form, a Force of Change that energizes All Life into Love.  We are allowing Life’s participation through us and directing Love’s grace into all experience, exemplifying the new paradigm of empowered sovereignty creating connection for All beings.  We are the Force of Change bringing more Love into form.  Blast on!


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