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jupiter_freaks_out_video_darin_crapo_snip Jupiter “freaks out”!!

[Note: while viewing this, it may be “required” to play this music in the background: http://youtu.be/EVZh4WcdC3s]

Thanks to Jane Evershed who sent this video to me via Facebook (I used the title from that one but this is not the one below). I went to the original at Chris Fortune’s channel, who filmed this from New Zealand (the video below), on 4-6-14, 1010 PM, New Zealand time.

http://youtu.be/J8AoKXoNGu8 (the big time action begins at about 6:00)

Darin Crapo’sUFO Planet Sightings Report, which included this, shows it with amplification (go to 1:45, and 3:10+).


KP comments… What struck me from this, is that I noticed, in the magnified version of this (especially at about 3:10+), there were a couple of what appeared to be “poles” sticking out from time to time, at approximately 180 degrees from each other (see the video snip…

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