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JUNE 26, 2014


Knowing All is Well

Dear Being, as you create you change the vibrational balance upon Earth. We hear the call of frustration, confusion and sometimes even defeat as the will of the collective, the will of the present does not seem to cooperate with the future you want to create now.  You are a vital part of Life; honored, cherished and respected as the Creator that you are.  You are supported and sustained by the engine of Life and this engine is in continual motion beyond your concept of Time.  Yet Time has given its flow to you, it interweaves with you and allows your focus to permeate its flow and form.  It responds, allows and holds you on a track of movement, confined to day and night, confined to a collective clock.  Your perception and participation with this engine of Life melds its flow into form.  You create.  You create with the collective of Life, with the rules of Life.


Knowing All is Well is another way of saying have ease with the rules of Life. Rather than fight against or push forward, create as you flow, observe and choose.  Continually observe the clues that flow and form are giving you and choose anew, choose anew, choose anew.  Life is fail-safed to not only continue, but to flourish and expand.  The tree digs deep and finds root in water so that its expansion continues into the Light with a strength that takes from the body of the earth and gives to the nourishment of Life.  Life is served, shared with and enhanced by the tree and in this cycle, it also gives back to the body of Earth.  Your very existence is a cycle of give and take with Life and this cycle is sacred.  As you breathe, eat and excrete you enact a cycle of transformation and service that includes other aspects of Life.  It is this collective participation that is your connection, your choice and your expansion.  Take it and give it new Life.


As you trust your mind to create and Know All is Well, you are aligning your empowerment with your Divine Nature in human form.  You have been given dominion of choice.  How you choose to perceive your fellow humans, life on Earth and Free Will either disrupts your flow or facilitates change.  When you look at other humans that you disagree with, do you find expansion in the disagreement or do you find a wall that you must push against?  This wall is invisible, so you must Follow Your Mind to observe your truth – your initial reaction.  This wall is not in form, Dear One, it is in you.  Do not resist it, for at first it provides you safety and sanctuary.  Within the walls of your resistance to another, you nurture your choice and your strength to choose it.  Do you have the strength to forgive another to melt your resistance and also build your endurance to hold a boundary of choice?  That boundary of choice becomes a wall that allows your Free Movement, not binding you within walls of fortification, but fortifying you with walls of participation with Life.  Your clarity of focus, your clarity of Love, your clarity of choice and holding your empowerment of give/take with another is your Free Movement with Life.


As we sit to Blast Knowing All is Well, we are choosing with a power that does not apologize for our existence, but co-creates with this beautiful game of Life – tipping the scales toward Love.  We are observing the choices of others, as we agree and disagree, and honoring the glory of each being’s ability to choose how they participate with Life.  We are appreciating free will, for it is an engine of learning, developing and choosing that is in-built into Life prior to birth.  We are looking beyond the moment, into the potential of empowerment it creates and enhancing Love’s emergence on Earth.  We are observing our reaction to others and using resistance to form a new path for the flow of Love as we erode the walls of fear and separation into the current of Time.  We are boldly choosing Love and empowerment within, for Life responds to our choice and forms anew be-cause of us.  Blast on!


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