Church of the Cosmos : Temple of Light

Channeled by Barbara Marciniak on 03/17/13 in Sedona, AZ covering everything from the “Nano” period (Harmonic Convergence in 1987 to 2012 Shift) representing the acceleration of Consciousness; the Anunnaki, true reasons for comets/asteroids, the “energy field” (i.e. Source), the awakening, the flowering of Consciousness, infinite timelines, the Space Wars, the Middle East Stargate/Portal, the end of the Dark Forces/the Illuminati, the New Earth, reincarnation, the evolution of the human species, genetic manipulation of the DNA, the Multiverse/God Self/Higher Self, Nature, electromagnetic radiation, chemtrails, planetary toxicity, infertility, Alzheimers, and much more.

Be sure to do the meditation that she guides at the end!

Part 1 [2:36:01]

Part 2 [2:34:21]

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