Forever Unlimited

June 2014 Solstice: Got Bumpy Lately?
a message from Saint Germain
channeled by Alexandra and Dan
Tuesday, 17 June, 2014  (posted 20 June, 2014)

“A wave of sadness and hopelessness has had you in its grip for a while now. You struggle to understand what you feel, and the more you try, the more it seems that you are not reaching any place of resolution.

You ask yourself, “So what happened to all the promises of a great change, and finally feeling that I have arrived?” And it is not helping you to listen to the answer, because the answer doesn’t seem to come to you. As this feeling of gloom only seems to increase, you find that you have nowhere to turn. You’ve done so much work on yourself and you’ve prepared for such a long time, yet the results are nowhere to be seen. “It’s too much and…

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