Ascension Project 2012

Human AuraHow to Heal and Restore Your Aura for Greater Health and Vitality in Your Everyday Life

HJ: Often unnoticed, yet extremely important, our Auras have a major protective role in our health. For many, they go unnoticed as being able to ‘feel’ them requires us to tune into a quite subtle level of energy. However, whether we are aware of them or not, their state of health still has a massive effect on our health.

This is because the Aura is a shield of sorts, protecting us from harmful electromagnetic frequencies as well as the etheric and emotional energy of others. When our auras become disturbed or damaged, it leaves us vulnerable to unwanted energy, be they manmade or otherwise.

That being said, Aura repair is simple for the most part. Making a regular practice of repairing your Aura daily is an easy way to substantially boost you health, energy…

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