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Angels 33Anyone who’s asked in a reading what dimension they’re from will have heard the source reply Fifth, or Seventh, or Ninth, or Eleventh.  And to this point in time, I’ve always assumed this meant that the person had evolved to and lived on that dimension.

But now with the knowledge coming out that most lightworkers are angels, the significance of dimensionality is in need of revision.

Archangel Michael told us back in 2012 on An Hour with an Angel that:

“The angelic realm, all of us, are not part of that twelve dimensions, twelve planes of human existence. We are a realm beyond that.” (1)

And here he discusses the subject at greater length:

Steve Beckow: All angels are beyond dimension, is that correct?

Archangel Michael: Yes, now do we inhabit and exhibit and experience dimensionally in order to be with you and with many throughout the universe?  Yes, we do.

SB:  So, often we’ve been told “You’re from the 7th dimension,” “You’re from the 9th” or “from the 11th.” We’re talking about angels but that is where they prefer to hang out at the moment.

AAM: That is where they are alighting.  (2)

Alright, well, where are angels from then, I asked AAM.

Archangel Michael: Think of it in this way. Think of your planet or even think of your galaxy.  Then outside of your galaxy you have what you believe to be deep space.

Now we also know that deep space contains many other galaxies so keep going and keep going and keep going.  Now, when you have gone through all of that, think of it as being contained in a bubble, go outside the bubble. That’s where we are.

SB:  Aah. So transcendental space.

AAM: Yes.   But also at times the space – now we are going to really confuse you – the space in-between the spaces.

We occupy often the space between the spaces.  We come from Source.

SB:  Right. Wow!

AAM: Yes, it is bigger than you think.

SB:  Yes. So you are transcendental?

AAM: Yes.

SB:  All angels?

AAM: Yes. (3)

In another discussion I was moved to ask him if angels are from dimensions altogether different from human, to which he replied:

AAM: Angels are altogether different from humans.

SB: Okay.

AAM: Now, more and more what you are seeing is the angelic self shining through and finding that place of balance within and in conjunction with the human self. (4)

He explained that the common way of speaking about dimensions obscured the true situation.  He emphasized the need to increase the clarity with which these matters were discussed.

“We tend to say, and we have certainly often said, ‘They are from…’ Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that they anchor, they visit, they are of.

“Now, the same is true, because this is part of my favorite topic because it pertains to how do you — and we — interpret the information that we share with you? And as you are learning to speak in a different way, and vibration, with your star brothers and sisters, it is increasingly important that we be clear and you be clear.

“And, additionally, because of this and because of the expansion that you are experiencing, your being, not merely your mind or your heart consciousness, or your emotional body, but the totality of your being is more prepared to receive and integrate the information that I speak of now.

“So when you are asking about a being that is in form… so let us, for the purposes of discussion, call this person a human being whether they are a hybrid or not. When they are in human form, that does not eradicate, can we say, their angelic self.

“And very often — in fact, most often — when you think of the universal self, which is a term we use rather than simply higher self, which feels like a connection to a part of you, but think of it as higher, your angelic self is a very large part of who you are in a universal sense.” (5)

Angels come into form to share the human experience and they will have a favorite dimension.

“When you come into human form, you do so to experience the realm of the human experience — 12 dimensions, 12 planes within those dimensions, 12 rays, and so on. Now, what you are saying, and what we are saying, is where has this person primarily positioned themselves, not only in this lifetimes, but in many lifetimes? When they assume form, what is the spot that they are most joyous in and like to call home?

“And for some it is the 7th, which is the Christ consciousness and love. For some, it is beauty [the 9th Dimension of Surrender, Truth and Joy]. For some it is mastery [the 11th Dimension of Mastery].

“So then we will say, ‘That person is from, or of…’ the 9th, the 10th, the 7th, the 5th, and so on, and they carry the qualities of that dimension, of that reality. That is what they bring, particularly during the time when the old 3rd has been breaking down.”   (6)

When we as angels leave form, we may choose to go back to our favorite human dimension or we may choose to return to the angelic domain, as we wish.

“Now, when you leave human form, when you say to me, or to the Mother or your guides, or your beloved, ‘I am leaving now. I am shedding this physical form. I will see you later,’ there is a universe of expansion and choice. Now, does that mean that that person, that being, now this sheer energy of angel-self, leaves completely the 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th dimension? Not necessarily.

“Are they restricted to that reality? No.”  (7)

And what about planets? Often in readings it’s said that a person, who later turns out to be an angel, is from Arcturus or Andromeda or the Pleiades. Do angels live on planets?

Steve Beckow: I’ve heard of so many angels living on different planets, I’m a little bit confused on whether angels live in a different realm or simply live on planets or what.

Archangel Michael: No, they do not live on different planets. Let us be very clear. The angelic realm has the ability to have a physical experience, what you in your realm of human experience tend to think of as primarily third- and fourth-dimensional physical experiences.

But they can do that on any planet they choose.

S: And they don’t stop being their angelic self elsewhere.

AAM: Well, there is never any need to.

S: Need to what, Lord?

AAM: Assume a different physicality or form. That is simply a choice.

S: But do they send down an aspect of themselves?

AAM: No. Think of it as simply ways in which they can alight for a while and for our definition of a while it can be ten minutes or ten thousand years. But to say that there would be angelic planets would be … incomplete, let us put it that way. An incomplete understanding.  (8)

I took the case of “X” who has lived on Venus and elsewhere and yet is an angel.

S: X is an angel, but she’s been on Venus, the Pleiades, Andromeda.

AAM: Yes, and she has assumed various forms when she has been on those planets just as she is an angel in form when she is existing on Gaia.

S: But somewhere out there is her angelic form?

AAM: Well, her angelic form is simply folded in to who she is. She has done and mostly completed that integration. What she is not realizing and we use her as simply a prototype, and she is doing this more and more and more, so when she wishes to exhibit her angelic form, she will do so.

She has felt she has done it mostly in the privacy of her own home because she is not quite comfortable…. Ask Y because she has done this as well. Ask her how she can simply morph. It is like shapeshifting. It is actually quite easy. So play with it.

Do not go to the depths of hell and say I must do this, I must exert myself. Simply open and stretch your wings. (9)

So now, if this information is correct, we know that angels are beyond human dimensionality, that they’re transcendental. But they have the power to incarnate in form, to live on dimensional planets, and then to return to their own domain when they choose and have finished their service to the Mother.

When a dimension is cited, as in a reading, really what’s being said is where that angel chooses to alight or spend time. But it isn’t an indicator of evolution.  Angels live beyond the bubble of dimensional life, the known universe, in a transcendental space.


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