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Galactic BeingsHigher-dimensional civilizations don’t need to eat and sleep as much as we do. Here Commander Ashira of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies explains what rests look like for them.

“We rest, so do not be under the impression that we are ‘workaholics’!  …

“We have the ability – you have the expression of catnaps, of powernaps, and we put ourselves into a very relaxed theta – or even REM – sleep, but it can be very, very, very brief. So our form of rejuvenation and relaxation is different than humans, so it is not to say that we do not take time for rest – we do.

“Because that is also when we receive a great deal of our inspiration, our insights. If you were to think of very deep meditation, that is one of our forms of sleep or rest.”  (1)

“Very often,” he continues, “simply by relaxing and gazing out at the stars, we receive energy.”  (2)

It’s the same with hunger, he shares.  “When we feel depleted in any way – again we will simply draw in the energy that we require and replenish ourselves that way. … Yes, we do eat – but it is … it is a form of entertainment! It is a sensation, it is a delight, it is a way in which we will take in a meal much the same way that you would take in a movie.”  (3)

They do not eat meat.

“When someone is onboard ship or wishes to have meat, if someone wants to come and wants to have a steak, it would be a molecular construct. It would look, taste, feel the same but it would not entail the killing of an animal.”  (4)

They do not get sick, Ashira explains.

“If we get run-down, if we are tired, we can go to the Healing Chambers but it is mostly for rejuvenation – it is not because we have the same list of dis-eases or maladies that you have.”  (5)

Those who are on prolonged assignment on Gaia, he says, “are in need of the crystal healing beds of the Healing Chambers, because the density of the energy on the planet depletes people – you have noticed that yourself – that, of course, is where your dis-eases come from. But more and more, what our Healing Chambers are being used for is for humans.” (6)

This impact of being on Gaia is “one of the things that we are finding, which has been a little setback for us.” (7)

Unbeknownst to us, Ashira explains, “we are often working on you so that this new realm of what the Mother calls ‘recovery’ can actually be a fact.” (8)

They do not age as we do. Our normal life expectancy, SaLuSa tells us, “is very short compared to Beings like ourselves, who are in the higher dimensions.” (9)

“We do not have bodies that suffer in the way yours do, as we have ones of Light that maintain their condition, and we are quite safe in our ships from areas in Space that pose radiation dangers.” (10)

They live for “hundreds of years in our bodies [that] do not ‘die’ of old age as yours do,” SaLuSa’s colleague, Ag-Agria tells us. (11)

They can “replace them as required should we desire to do so,” SaLuSa says. “It is because our matter vibrates at a much higher speed, and is not as heavy as yours. At our levels of existence the lower vibrations cannot exist, so we are not subject to the problems that beset you.” (12)

Ashira explains that “there comes a time when people decide for one reason or another, that they wish to take elongated breaks or to bring their attention to something else rather than simply their shipboard duties, and that is certainly accommodated.” (13)

Multidimensional beings, Suzanne Lie’s Arcturians tell us, “do not need to ‘be born’ and ‘die,’ as you do on a physical reality. Instead, we choose to engage in a certain form/reality until we feel complete with that experience. Then, we merely exit that reality, but remember every experience of every reality in which we have participated.” (14)

When they procreate, it’s by what Ashira calls “conjoining.”

“We have the equipment, but to truly have – and you have touched upon it – Sacred Union is a meeting of the Souls, and this is what you are truly beginning to experience in your own evolution on Earth. Before, you used to think – I do not mean you, sweet One – but you collectively often felt that Tantra was the highest form of prolonged union, or heightened ecstasy and union. Take it twenty-two steps further – it is a union of the heart, the mind, the body – and the Soul.

“And when you are in that form of Union – not only is it profound joy – it can sustain you for thousands of years. When you join with another like this – and that is what we do – the bond very rarely can or would be severed.” (15)

Procreation starts with “a discussion between the Souls, the Twin Flames, what you may think of as your Higher Self, the physical bodies, as well as the Soul and the intention of the child to be born,” Ashira says.

“So it is very much a group discussion, so that the bringing in of life is a conscious Creation. Because of that we don’t have the ‘whoops’ factor!

“So when a child is conceived and brought forward, it is not only a celebration in that family, it is considered a responsibility and a joy and an undertaking for the entire community – because we are bringing this Being into form to be part not only of the family, but of the very specific community.

“And there has already been agreement by the child, by the infant, by that Soul, of how they will express, how they wish to be expressing, how they want to be supported, how they will be supported, how they will be taught, how they will explore, what this journey will be about.”  (16)

Tomorrow we’ll look at the factor of dimensionality and the desire of the higher beings to serve.


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