I have been shown the number ‘13′time and again in recent weeks, around the same time I connected with a new group of guides known as the Galactic Federation of Light. I believe the Federation will disclose more information about their origin, role and relationship with the Galactic Council at a later stage, probably when I am more ready to receive and transmit these information.

For now, specifically on this full moon of 13th June 2014, I have been asked by the Federation to share the following energy activations received from the Alpha Centauri star nation during the “Rebirthing of the Lemurian Race on the Land of Mu”  Spring Equinox workshop held in New Zealand, September 2012:

  • Transmission of the Alpha Centauri genetic code via the Galactic Command Core
  • Recoding the Lemurian 12-strand DNA template to incorporate the 13th strand DNA from Alpha Centauri
  • Coding your crystals…

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