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While SETI (the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) listens for beeps and clicks, the galactic beings here around the planet to help us with Ascension or observe it  speak freely with us through channeled messages.

“Life exists everywhere,” one such galactic visitor, SaLuSa of Sirius, reveals. Let’s look at more of what he and his colleagues have told us over the years about other life forms.

He revealed that “there is life everywhere you look.”  Moreover, the life he speaks of exists “not just in the dimensions that are open to your physical eyes.”

“There are dimensions beyond your reckoning, and still life is present in abundance. It would be difficult to explain such vastness as an accidental occurrence, when it is clear that a mighty intelligence must exist that embraces all that exists.”  (1)

Many of these “intelligent life forms [are] beyond your present imagination, and some are entirely different to what you have been used to so far,” he tells us. (2)

He reminds us that the creation of new life forms has not somehow ended. “There will never be a time when you will be able to claim to have seen it all, because the Creator is thinking new creations into being all of the time.” (3)

I’ve just taped a future Hour with an Angel in which Archangel Michael discusses what has generally become known as the Adam/Eve Kadmon template – what we know as the human body.  Archangel Michael said it is common throughout the universe.

That’s what SaLuSa is referring to when he says that “beings like us are very similar to you.” (4)

Regardless of which form the life form takes, “it is correct for the conditions in which it lives,” SaLuSa’s colleague Atmos of Sirius advises us. (5)  Inside each form “is the same soul as you although they may be at a different level.”

“All seek experience,” his colleague Ker-on of Venus tells us. “You will measure their spiritual advancement according to the dimension that they reside within.” (6)

“Therefore what could be more natural,” another of his colleagues, Ker-On asks us, “than contact being made with you?” (7)

SaLuSa tells us that humanity “could not live forever in the illusion of being at the centre of the Universe.”

“With the knowledge of other life forms that have also existed within your solar system and in fact still do, it is time to accept that they have accompanied you for thousands upon thousands of years. They have a place in your lives and your evolution, and are every bit a part of the grand experiment of duality as you are.”  (8)

We have in fact come from the stars ourselves and hail from these parent civilizations which now have come to visit us and help use through our global consciousness shift.

SaLuSa refers to the role these civilizations took, using the example of the role one coalition, the Galactic Federation of Light, played in our “genetic engineering.”

“You will find that Galactic Federation members are no strangers to your early evolution, and in fact have had more than a hand in it. There is more of a connection between us than you might imagine, and we have had a part to play in your genetic engineering resulting in what you are today. When you get to see the various types of Beings in our Federation, you will marvel at how many have a close resemblance to how you look now.” (9)

SaLuSa explains that these ancestral worlds “have never lost their level of high consciousness and are fully aware of your history together.”

“You accepted the veils that were drawn across your eyes as you dropped deeper into the lower vibrations. Now you are emerging once again, and being reminded of your true selves and your history upon Earth.” (10)

Matthew Ward, who revealed this past year that he was St. Matthew of the Gospel, revealed some time ago that all the attempts of these galactic civilizations to make themselves known to us have been suppressed by the global elite that wanted to remain in control of the Earth.

“The [Hubble] telescope and the roving camera on Mars have beamed back pictures of incontrovertible ‘intelligent life’ that your government does not want you to know about. You had heard that the roving camera on Mars briefly had lost contact with receivers on Earth but you gave it little thought other than a fleeting: I wonder what it picked up that we’re not supposed to see. It had indeed done that!

“Several civilizations aware of those photographing missions arranged to have greeting parties or objects that prove their technological capabilities, and as you can well imagine, none of the scenes the cameras recorded are to be released. We feel that eventually they will be, but by that time that kind of evidence won’t be necessary to convince Earth’s people they are not alone in the universe.” (11)

Just as the earliest astronomers gleaned that the Earth was not the center of the universe, so is this planet in the process of gleaning that humanity on Earth is also not the center of the universe.  We’ll look later at some of the exoanthropological (12) facts of life that our galactic visitors have revealed to us through channels and what their round of life may be like.


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