I just want to say, in a very loving way…

The world knows some where deep down in its every sense of being, their right.

The one thing about evil, it doesn’t see what it is doing to you and don’t care.

That part is not human, because humans can’t do that, maybe it’s a curse?

Maybe it’s a blessing? The internet, and many of the “gatherings” are infiltrated with them.

When I say infiltrated, I mean, by humans who have taken on that dreadful characteristic

of not stepping in another shoes, just for a sec?

The brainwashing has been in such depth, that people really, believe what they are doing

to right?

Or in fear, of a bunch of people now who know and they are going to come after all the people in the


I don’t think that’s really in many Americans heart right now.

Many are…

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