Sacred Ascension - Key of Life - Secrets of the Universe

heartportalHistorically the universe has bestowed upon it’s children the light of the gods through particular formations in the sky, particular formations of light portals in the sky of which humanity has been able to decipher. Through said portals the universe has bestowed the love and light energies to enter the sphere of their existence and bathe them in the loving uplifting and transformational energies. Historically this has been the case. Until a point in time when a subset of the mechanisms has been put into place, a new type of technology if you will has been encoded into the human genome.

And so, and thus, the light outpouring that is set to occur on a particular date of your present reality, shall not come from without but from within the core of humanity. For the time has indeed come to unleash the inner workings of the mechanisms put forth…

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