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selacia1By Selacia via newsletter 10 June 2014

You have an opportunity to reset your energy to a higher frequency during our June 12-13 full moon ahead of next week’s solstice. In this article I will give the background on our current energy shift and tips for resetting your energy at the full moon.

Very likely, you are already feeling more intensity this week, the moon being one cause. After all, the moon governs the natural world as well as your emotions, instincts, intuition, and unconscious. The moon is related to water, the element often described as being furthest from the rational realm.

Feeling more watery or just more sensitive this week? The moon can be a key to understanding your sensitive, feeling nature. There is a tendency to discount the impact of the moon, even though researchers have shown that the moon does indeed impact plant growth, the tides, and human experiences. Statistics show that during full moons, intense events like emotional meltdowns, family quarrels, and emergency room visits rise dramatically!

Opportunities of a Full Moon

During a full moon, we have an opportunity to tap into potency, expansion, and more intense feelings. Remember: not all feelings are bad! How about some joy or just simple giddiness?! In general, projects put into motion in the new moon cycle receive an extra boost of energy during the full moon.
DNA Patterns Come to Light

Full moons are also known for illuminating issues that previously were hidden from view. This includes DNA-level patterns, out of ordinary view in the subconscious, blocking your progress. It can be helpful on a full moon, therefore, to focus on healing and bringing to light things you simply could not see or access before. The full moon can be a time of increased intuitive insights and a greater tangible connection with spirit. For this reason, meditations and guided inner journeying can be very beneficial during the full moon.

For more information on cycles of the moon, please visit http://selacia.com/astrology.php.

No need to wait until the actual full moon on June 12-13 to connect with these benefits. Indeed, you can use quiet moments of reflection and meditation all this week to tap into the moon’s potency – using it to reset your energy. If you are like most people, the current up-and-down energies pose a combination of challenges and a balancing act as you strive to put your ideas and projects in forward motion.

During our current mercury retrograde, some days may not seem “forward moving” at all – but rather like reviews or a dress rehearsal. Do not let this discourage you. Instead, use these moments to refresh, renew, release, and reset for an even more powerful next phase.

3 Ways to Reset Your Energy

Here are three ways to reset your energy during this week with the full moon:

1. Make intentional allowances for emotional fluctuations within yourself and others, helping you to keep your frequency high and avoid reactions you will regret later.

2. Ask Spirit for dreams and energy balancing during dream time, helping you to awaken refreshed and filled with new helpful insights.

3. Daily ask this question: “What is the one thing I most need to understand, be, or do now?”

On a practical level, doing this reset helps you to: stay stable emotionally, utilize your dream time for spiritual growth, and keep a fruitful inquiry going to help you determine your optimal next steps and needed shifting.

Doing even one of these three can help you tremendously.

Doing all three can make the difference between an ordinary week and one that sparkles with positive potentials.

Why not choose the sparkle?

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