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Who are you?  Who are we?

It is difficult to describe in human words who we are, who you are?  Difficult because the truth of our essence is timeless and wordless.

Before the Earth and its solar system was formed we, all of us, we are.

Before the imagining of time and space and other 3D impressions and illusions, we are.

Before the first free soul incarnated in this “earth experience” we are.

Before any soul had gained forgetfulness, we are.

Before war, hunger, fear, death illusions, we are.

We can say that each and every one of us are from the beginning, whatever that strange  word/sound means. We simply are.

When we set aside all time-space perception or thought, we can remember that which is now, the essence and the truth of who we are.

Not before, not after but in the eternal now, we are.

To express it fully within the constraints of language is not possible, however.  Some remember, in part or in whole that we are.

Infinite and eternal we are.   Limited by our human thoughts and perceptions, still we are.

Timeless, eternal, we are.

Not before, not after, but in the infinite now, we are.

Divine children of eternal and infinite source, we are.

Do you remember yet?  We are, now, the infinite now.

Blessings, love, joy and peace
Brother Dave and Uriel


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