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I’d like now to turn to another manner in which higher beings incarnate and that is as a composite or group soul, such as Merlin and St. John the Baptist were.  AAM explains.

“Let us first speak of this composite, or what many refer to as ‘group souls.’ Because this can be confusing. On the one hand, we are telling you — and the Mother considers you — beautiful, unique energy that is well defined and different than anything else throughout her omniverse. And then we say, ‘But that was a group soul.’ So let us explain.” (1. All quotes from Archangel Michael here come from this same source.)

These usually occur where “there are undertakings or situations where the task at hand is so pivotal to the unfoldment of the Mother’s plan, or to the change of direction when a civilization, perhaps, needs to be redirected or reworked, that a group of souls will come together almost in a bidding war, if you think of it, to say ‘I will go, and I will play that role.’”

There are also times, he tells us, when “because of history, of pain, of mayhem, of abuse, … it is more beneficial for a group to come together and to support one another in that undertaking of that particular life.”

Usually there is what we would think of as “a lead soul.”

“And that soul can be thought of as the administrator or the supervisor of this collection, although it is far more cooperative than that. And in that time, perhaps there is a soul that has a very particular talent or capacity or completion or mission to accomplish during that participation in that now-human being’s life.

“So they will come to the forefront during that particular phase. So that is one way in which it occurs. The other is that the entire group is there as a support team throughout, but again, they either exchange places or they support the lead soul in a mission is of such significance that a group is preferable.”

He gives the example of bringing “an intergalactic and an Earth-keeper and an angelic together to participate in something because all these variations are required.”

A braided walk-in is one example of a composite soul. Archangel Michael describes that form of being.

“The braided walk-in is the conscious awareness, and the inter-twining of a number of souls, usually two or three, into a unified whole where everyone is conscious and participating.

“Again, it is very unusual. A braided walk-in is very, very unusual.”

When souls are at that level of commitment and love, “there is a merger of those energies, that you are working as a group.”

Being part of this incarnation “does not mean that they were always and only part of that group soul. They are still maintaining their unique spark.”  After the death of John the Baptist, for instance, the group that formed him dispersed.

“Now, can there be reunion, because they worked well together, and there was cooperation, and that is a good combination to come together for a future or a past undertaking? Yes, but it is not required and it does not always happen that way.”

There are numerous archangels incarnated on the planet at this time. I’ve heard the number 21 but I haven’t had confirmation of that yet. What happens in that case? AAM explains.

“The human being is what we would say over-lighted on a continual basis by that being, by that archangel. Now, the archangel does not over-ride the human choice, the free will. So you will say, ‘Well, I can’t possibly be an archangel, because look at that time when I did that, and that was a horrid thing to do!’

“Well, that is not so. And we have a long history of archangels falling off the path and doing horrid things. The key to this is non-judgment, is it not?

“But when the archangel incarnates or over-lights the energy of that being, it’s first, foremost and primarily of that archangel. It is that simple.”

We may notice “that there is a different quality to those individuals.” Nonetheless they may be unaware of their origins and unable to access their full capabilities,. he says.

“It is not a case of the person being the fullness, because the archangel still hovers above.  They cannot — well, they could, but they do not — fully embody in the individual, although there are moments when the fullness of that presence is known and felt, and celebrated. It is a very unique, and very uncommon, situation.”

Moreover, higher beings such as angels and archangels can “apparit” or briefly appear before us.  The Lord Maitreya discussed how higher beings may do this.

“We have the capacity to assume missions and purpose which are in alignment with who we are in our divinity and essence and how we have expressed in and out of human form or elsewhere, over time, or what you think of as time.

“But we also have the ability to come and be in form not simply as an aspect or an emanation — which I have done many times — but to be in what you would think of as human reality, form, but also to be present in that form with the full awareness of our being.

“So that is part of our rules of engagement and how we re-manifest and re-enter and come with great excitement and delight to walk this beloved Earth yet again.”  (2)

In this series, we’ve seen that many of us are emanations of angels, archangels, or other types of higher-dimensional beings. The greater part of ourselves exists on the higher planes of life.

These selves overlight us and can at times merge with us.  In some cases, it isn’t one individual who has incarnated; it may be a composite or group as in the case of Merlin and St. John the Baptist.  In other cases, a higher dimensional being may appear or “apparit” temporarily for a special purpose.

More and more of this knowledge is being revealed. I’ve been told by Archangel Michael that, at some point after Ascension, we’ll experience the return of our native capabilities and powers, at which point the fulness of our identities will become known.


(1) Archangel Michael in “The Divine Mother and Archangel Michael: Work with and Expand This Energy of Clarity,” channeled by Linda Dillon, October 14, 2013, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2013/10/the-divine-mother-and-archangel-michael-work-with-and-expand-this-energy-of-clarity/.

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