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Message from the Arcturian Group


Incoming Marilyn Raffaele, May 2014

Greetings, dear ones, we come back to guide you in any way we can, but you must always remember that lighting is your mission, your journey and your choice.

Still there are some who have chosen to do nothing while waiting for a savior in the form of a man, a book, instrument, or a galactic event. This reflects an ancient belief system – separating the source and the need for something outside himself to be “saved”.

Your savior is you, dear – always has been and always will be – is what you are already. Savior will you stayed quiet, waiting to be admitted life after life through life experiences good and not so good lived in duality and separation. There comes a time in everyone’s spiritual journey which eventually evolved enough to recognize and embrace the truth about himself. Life issues that seemed important then begin to disappear into nothingness as are the individual no longer feels the need to look outside himself. He begins to seek his own divine essence guidance and reveals that he is what he sought – the secret long hidden, dear. >>>

…to read more, visit here…   http://vremurinoi.wordpress.com/2014/06/06/fiti-lumina-fiti-calea-fiti-adevarul/  (Romanian)

or here in English >>> http://translate.google.com/translate?langpair=auto%7Cen&u=http://vremurinoi.wordpress.com/2014/06/06/fiti-lumina-fiti-calea-fiti-adevarul/


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