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Angels 213Often the Company of Heaven have said that we here today are higher-dimensional beings, although we’ve forgotten. I once asked Archangel Michael how it was I could not remember my origins and he replied:

“Because that was part of the agreement … that you would come and [be] blind. …  There was an agreement that you would have this experience of the third reality, of the third dimension, and you said, I am absolutely fine with it.”  (1)

I’d better watch what I agree to in future! (OK, just kidding!)

In fact most of us are angels, and we’ll shortly be airing a special edition of An Hour with an Angel on the angelic kingdom, which will reveal quite a few startling aspects of the subject.

Here’s Commander Ashira telling Suzi Maresca about her angelic status, but the same could be said about great numbers of lightworkers here today:

“Yes, we’ve seen your wings – you, Suzanne [Maresca], and many of you – but we also know the intention and the plan is for you to maintain [your physical reality], and you are doing a good job, many of you, in maintaining [it].” (2)

I know incarnated angels who’ve lived 700 and even 2300 lives on Earth in preparation for their role in Ascension, which shows the tremendous commitment many beings have to what’s happening right now.

AND many of those lives were quite painful. Burned at the stake for religious beliefs, ostracized, poverty-stricken, abandoned.

Knowing this lends a new meaning to what the Group through Steve Rother said some time ago (2010), that “it is not easy taking your wings off and pretending to be a human.” (3) I think that any of us who heard that believed they were exaggerating. But apparently not.
Angels 33
All of this explains why SaLuSa might say:

“You are viewed as great souls of Light, and so much love is being sent to you in gratitude for your sacrifices. It is not every soul that would have volunteered for what you have experienced. You had faith not just in your own powers, but also in the promises given you that you would never be forgotten, and would return to your rightful place in the Universe.” (4)

On another occasion, he acknowledged our angelic status.

“You are special Beings of a highly evolved state, except that very few of you are aware of it. You are slowly but surely beginning to understand your spiritual history, even although the idea that you are Angels is quite astonishing to you. The fact that you already have a link to your higher consciousness means that you will sub-consciously know when you are being offered truthful information.” (5)

Archangel Michael reviewed the journey that most of us have been on, and, when I say “most of us” i mean most lightworkers here on the planet today.

“Each of you, my beloved brothers and sisters, each of you have begun your journey, not only as a spark of light, not only as an emanation from the heart of One, but as an angel – some of you, a few of you, even as archangels, or one of the keepers of the dominions or the principalities or the virtues.

Angels11“And you can see this when you look at somebody. And then, yes, you have incarnated, you have been the adventurous ones, you have been the explorers, and you believed in yourself strongly enough to say to the Mother/Father/One, ‘I am going to go. I will assume form. I will know the joy of being in form and physicality, and then I will come home and resume my form.’” (6)

For some of us, the resumption of that journey comes after endless ages, he says. He now invites us to call these aspects back in to us.

“Well, some of you have not resumed in eons. But that matters not. Whether you are starseed or hybrid or Earth-keeper, you still are angelic. And this is something we want you to remember.

“You spend time during this process of Ascension incorporating, inviting in, all of your glorious aspects. So, do not forget to invite your own angelic self to be with you. This is not your higher self. If you want to think in the way you do, in terms of layers, think of your angelic self as above your higher self and pull them all in – to your core, to your heart, to your feet, to your toes. Because our purpose in speaking of this is for you to acknowledge and to know your own being as well.” (7)

Let’s leave the subject there for now and tomorrow we’ll explore the process of incarnating, emanating or ”appariting” as a human.


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