Judith Kusel

We as woman have forgotten the Ancient Rites of Passage – the rites of the celebration of life in all its form.

In a society which worships the teenager and youth – in form and being, it is worshipping but a minute timeframe of life, which is but a puff in the wind. As teenager, you have not even moved past the first threshold of life (as much as they might protest otherwise and think they know it all).

True maturity in astrological term only comes at the age of 60! When an astrologer once told me this, I had one of those AHA! Moments, and I looked back on my life and the I thought: “Yes, the rest of life is but the university, the training ground, for the true LOVE, POWER, AND WISDOM which comes when one has reached that blossoming maturity, which has experienced it all, and…

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