MeditationJust the other day I got in a Fight!I was out near my Worm Farm, transplanting a few cherry tomato seedlings when it all began.I had a bag of potting mix between my knees, both hands full of dirt and BAMMO!

One of the neighbor’s bees lined me up and took me down with one hit (but not before I squealed hysterically, ran in circles and threw dirt everywhere).

I was stung on the top of my cheek, just below my right eye. I was home alone and a little worried about the effects, as I had been stung on my foot a few years previous and my whole leg swelled. …to read more, visit here… http://www.exploremeditation.com/the-smile-meditation/


posted by, sweetwillowman ~ Share the truth … Share Love and Harmony… Namasté

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