In the world of religion, there is some attention being assigned to the issues for the pineal gland and the power for the human brain to function on higher levels.

In the world of religion, we find an appreciation for frankincense and here we find an association to making the pineal gland work better. The frankincense being one of the gifts of the Wise Men from Babylon to Jesus. Was there this deeper purpose to give Jesus the frankincense?

Even when one gets on down the history to the “Lord’s Supper” and the “Last Supper” of Jesus we find the issues of Boron rich soils of Israel being part of the Lord’s Supper foods of Wine and Grain (bread) and if one digs a little deeper one finds boron rich foods counter fluoride effects on the Pineal gland.

Dig some more and one finds that folks like Elijah settled at Mt. Carmel and an area with high Boron. Mt. Carmel was the origin for the Sons of Zadok, which became the first high priests in Solomon’s temple. Dig even more and one finds that the Temple of Solomon was built over the Gihon Spring, which has Boron mineral and was the water for the Garden of the Kings. Dig a little deeper and one finds Mt. Carmel is also the site for the Essene temple and the roots for Essene mystery school teachings.

Elijah was close with the gods of Anu and considered much like Enoch, and both were taken away when the gods of Anu departed Earth. In times of Jesus we find his issues with the Mount of Olives, which is another boron loaded fruit, and the Garden there was the site for an Olive Oil press, and this used to anointing folks.


A Fluoride-Free Pineal Gland is More Important than Ever

Well, what does all this have to do with the pineal gland? A lot. It is considered a portal to the inner or higher self by yogi masters, including Paramahansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi. Psychics consider it to be the link for inter dimensional experiences. It is associated with what many call the third eye or sixth chakra, which is a doorway to higher consciousness and bliss.

And it is vital for supporting intuition, an ability that will be needed during hard times. So it is necessary to evolve spiritually in order to help create better understanding, acceptance of our fellow humans, and easier group cooperation. Meditation is a part of this evolving. That and a little sunshine, good rest and food, can cause a calcified pineal gland to loosen up and allow that portal to open.


This information is meant to link the physical realm’s pineal gland to higher states of awareness and other realms. The point is not to advocate or discourage psychedelic drug use, but to encourage health, meditation and spiritual growth by maintaining a fluoride free pineal gland. 2012 is approaching. Time to get in shape

Is this a connection to those that appear to be waking from a long sleep that missed much of the important religious factors now driving the awareness of the human minds around the planet?

The Story for Jesus was one of his ascension into heaven from the Mount of Olives, which was opposite the corrupted temple in the times of the Pharisee and Sadducee. The story tells Jesus return will stem from this same site of the Mount of Olives. Even the story for Islam’s founder Muhammad speaks to his ascension at Jerusalem, and thus the lands of boron rich food and water.

Is the key for ascension the pineal gland?

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