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Thanks to Danton for recommending this article by Denise Le Fay. I feel she hits the nail right on the head with all the accelerating and emotion triggering energies we have experienced during this month of May.  In joy, Athena

Divine Push into deeper Change & ReleaseHighheartlife.wordpress.comDenise Le Fay
Posted on May 26, 2014

It has been one heck of a time lately hasn’t it? Multiple aspects of my life have been divinely exploded into further change and release since the last week of April 2014. I’m certain many of you can wholeheartedly relate.

For many the April into May 2014 energies have been a Divine blinding blast that helped us fully see, know, understand, standup for ourselves and our happiness and future well-being, make adjustments and/or completely disconnect and release in all ways from certain people/family members/friends/partners etc. if that’s what was required of…

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