10% Has Changed The World

In his book Living With Soul, Volume Two, Tony Stubbs, engages in a rant about the challenges of being an Old Soul on Earth at this time – a time when old souls make up only 10% of the population. It is a wonderfully amusing narrative…when viewed from the Old Soul perspective. Here are a few excerpts from one portion (with my apologies to Tony if I have taken anything out of context by chopping up his work). I offer this here in hopes it will trigger up some additional dialogue about the unique challenges of being an Old Soul. ~ Carla


Some Old Soul Secrets

Let’s look at a few things that old souls know that the rest of the population may not be ready for.

First, there really is only one Soul, and its field is everywhere. Within it, dimensions stack up (figuratively only because the dimensions actually all exist in the same ‘place’) and higher levels of our own consciousness occupy the higher frequency dimensions, guiding the lower levels. Together, it all makes up All That Is, a vast matrix of consciousness. … The notion of a singular entity called God is widely held by younger souls, but we know this to consist of many entities in the highest dimensions of the matrix.

Although there is only one Soul, there are countless souls, which we can liken to lumps in gravy. It’s all gravy, but we find coalesced lumps here and there, just as consciousness coalesces into ‘lumps’ that we term souls. The One can appear as many, and the Many make up the One. .. …to read more, visit here…


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