Twin flames: the phase of sexual cleansing



Perhaps one of the less understood issues about twin flames is the phase of sexual cleansing.  Jenna Forrest groups it within the stage of harmonization, but for me, this is a step by itself.

It usually starts at the end of the glow stage, after the rising of the Kundalini energy. You will start to feel the energy of Kundalini when it begins to awaken, but you will identify it, as a sexual energy. Before this energy detonate, you may have had meetings with your twin flame in an etheric level. But at one point you will feel the energy in your physical body. Will be perceived as if the Beloved were there, making love to you, although we can not see him/her.

At times it is the feminine divine (for men ) and the divine masculine (in the case of women) that becomes integrated with your energy. And in others is your twin flame traveling astrally to join with your soul. It can be a very pleasurable experience and through this act, both souls begin to merge.

Another essential purpose of this phase is to clear all misconceptions about sexuality that are housed in the body of the collective unconscious pain. So at times we can identify with the mind of a sex addict, a rapist or other sexual imbalances in society. Is momentary, because if we feel that dense energy, soon we will feel the unconditional love that comes to release that density. So through this purification, twin flames help to heal these imbalances globally.

At this moment we reach full consciousness of our twin flame. Until then we had the energy of the twin flame on its potential. For this reason we can enter into a deeper cleansing of the emotional, and mental body. This step is a precursor, and carries to the fusion of souls. And then we can know for sure who is our true Twin flame.

Annete Ruiz.

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