“Lyra begat Terra, Lyra begat Pleadians, Vega begat Orion, Vega begat sirius.” –Quote

Vega (the mother) watches over Earth at this point.

Our story begins when the Energy of Sirius (its inhabitants) came to earth to start the process of a humanoid civilization some 900,000 years ago. After those Vegan spirits who dwelt on earth when prehistoric creatures (dinosaurs (reptiles)) roamed the land. These beings came as an etheric (organic) civilization of an intensely spiritual nature. Etheric being of the upper levels of space, meaning, their conscious embodied the nature of earth as those before them. Lemuria being the civilization created, grew to have two levels of vibration coexisting, the other being known as the Mu. As they mingled with physical earth they quite literally grew physical bodies from the earth itself. Man was created as the lord of the physical sphere. Being of a Utopian-like vibration they were not fully physically man but rather in device-like etheric state.   Earth, being at the time of a quasi-physical nature, allowed for man to civilize preferably through the mental utilization rather than physical. Thus, the Lemurians being in tune with the nature of all things lacked need for machine technology. They were able to create with their minds things that the latter Atlantens did with tools and equipment.

At a point deep into Lemurian history, during Atlantis, when the earth bodies became more dependant on physical-environmental conditions, the Sirians genetically engineered ape genes into the mud people for a more convenient ability to adapt to physical conditions. Hence, the genetic origins in Africa.

Prior to this earth story (prehistoric) comes the awareness of Mars. Whos highest point in civilization was nearly a million years BC. The cosmic group from Orion, known as the Greys, used mars as a genetic engineering base for creating the Atlans (prior to Atlanteans). These were the ‘early enemies’ of the ancestors of Lemuria.

The Atlans came to be the part of Atlantis who later grew  into the semitic tribes after the great flood. Descendants of Shem of Noah being the keepers of the knowledge of god.

From the Pleiades came the white-skinned race who first settled in the Caucasus mountains in Russia, hence, caucasian. This majority of Atlantis came to be the descendants of Japheth of Noah who populates the indo-european nations.

From Sirius comes the descendants of Ham of Noah who are most famous for their Egyptian creations.

Spawning some 2-300,000 years ago Atlanteans embraced more so the physical utilization, thus, grounding man to a more physical form still with high psyche abilities. It is when the physically, scientific, mental-operating  Atlanteans clashed with the artist, heart-centered mentality of the Lemurians that a war of the logical-left hemisphere of the brain broke against the intuitive-right. Essentially, an archetypal battle between the mother and the father. Allowing the earth plane to begin to form an emotional/mental balance bringing humanity into a state of physical and spiritual balance.

The golden period of Atlantis was the highest Light Consciousness achieved on the earth plane from 40,000 BC to 18,000 BC. This was a time when the gods walked with men. After being flooded twice the Golden age subsided and main Atlantis split into 5 islands. The three major islands are Poseida, Aryan, and Og. The two smaller islands Atalya and Eyre were under Aryan rule. After this second break up of Atlantis the islands grew to what is known as state governments labeled today. Then, an aristocracy evolved consisting of two opposing ideologies. The two opposing were the “Law of One” based on the Isle of Poseida and “The Sons of Belial” based on the Isle of Aryan who exerted political influence over Og, Atalya and Eyre.

A great crystalline satellite, referred to as the second moon of Atlantis, floated above the skies receiving, amplifying and reflecting energy into the conductive earth crystal currents capable of retaining spiritual frequencies. Prior to the first flooding most cities had these power domes of crystals receiving from the satellite. After the second flooding only the capital city of Poseida had a full crystalline energy dome.

The ‘Law of One’, contingency of Poseida, were devoutly spiritual people and sought unification of Oneness. Scientist priests of the Alta-Ra (law of One) in Poseida were able to operate in complete consciousness of multi dimensionality relieving telepathic contact with advanced space brethren from the Pleadies, Arcturus, Andromeda and Sirius. They were able to manifest and regenerate at will incomparable to present humans where the energies are heavier and more solid. Because of their wisdom and nature they were quite detached from the density aspect of earth which is in part why they did not karmically oppose the Aryan ‘Sons of Belial’ as they became lustful in military-corperate power and materialism.

Aryan being the most populated was the commercial center and yeilded most influence from the economic, agricultural, and military perspective dwelling in the denser frequencies. After the second flooding Aryan experienced a chaotic period of rebuilding.  In this time an elitist, affluent ‘white’ race (Japheth(ofNoah))(Pleadian(BigBrother))(Lyran(father))(European)(Russian)(Government)(scientific(materialistic))(aspect) gained control of the state government even though the majority of the populace were of the bronze (Shem(ofNoah))(Atlan(Mars(Reptilian-Orion-Mother Created(Father-Orchestraded))))(Israel)(Jerusalem)(belief)(aspect) and red (Ham(ofNoah))(Lemurian(Sirius(Mother))(later-adding-ape-genes(red-boned))(Native-American)(Egyptian)(soul)(aspect) Note that the physical people of Lemuria were among Atlantis Civilization frequencies.

This power-minded aristocracy sought to block the ‘Law of One’ and utilize Antlantis’s technology for control of the world through the use of the crystalline energy for weaponry and genetic science for the development of an inferior race to serve as workers and soldiers. The souls of this inferior race would be blocked of emotional intelligence and used as puppets to serve the master race. The genetic engineering was based in Meruvia, on Aryan and had originally been used for benevolent purposes seeking improved physical vehicles that had incarnated into half man half beast abominations till it came under control of the Belial group. Many of the genetic scientists were initially kept unaware of the research until it was essentially too late to stop. This false use of technology led to the great break  between the Law of One and Sons of Belial which later became hardened in the materialist ambitions losing sight of the spiritual ethics of Atlantis.

The Poseidon’s were too cultured and gentle in nature to attempt to fight the Aryans and sought to spiritually influence them. The Aryans, who outnumbered the Poseidon’s 3 to 1, dared not attack Poseida without the crystalline energy the Alta-Ra held. The Aryans attempted to conquer the remaining states but failed to dominate. They too attempted to terrorize the Poseidons though again unsuccessful. The Posiedons shut down the crystal power and negated the Aryans. The Aryans responded by stopping food supplies and manufactured goods.

Disguised as a plan for unification, the Aryans approached the Posiedons with the formation of a renewed National Congress to bring Atlantis to harmony. The congress was formalized with an equal amount of representation from both parties. It appeared for several decades that the promise of change might come from the National Congress with minor superficial laws despite the unresolved genetic slavery and crystal energy management. The Poseidons were slightly encouraged and many of them let down their guard.

It was some 14,000 years ago that the Lemurians began to receive signal from the even higher realms that something was going to be changing. A very dramatic shift.

It was the next 2-3,000 years that they began preparing themselves for this cataclysm.

The highest spiritual keppers of the Law of One began spreading their knowledge and history  to all the populace so that the information could dig deep into the cells of the physical bodies.

Noah began to build the ark(s) at the same time he began to preach to the world.

From the Sons of Belial had risen a hypnotic charismatic leadership who seduced the masses in Atlantis into believing they were answering to returning Atlantis to its lost Golden Age. The powerful Aryan contingent were masters of manipulation and media. They presented well thought arguments that masked their true intentions. The leaders of this group share the same soul as people you know today as Hitler and Himmler. Who believed the earth people had a better future with a Master Race that all souls would reincarnate into reducing disease and racial division.

A law was proposed by the Belial group to bring genetic engineering from Aryan control to federal control, and in return, bring the crystal grid under the control of the governmental agency. The vote was set, but failed. However, a compromise was offered by the sly leadership of Belial which allowed for a law to be passed on a basis that a council be staffed with 5 Posiedon’s and 4 Aryan to head the federalized crystalline Energy control. The Law of One appearing to have majority control of the council made the plan seem promising.

However, within two years a war broke out between the colonies and the rebels once again pressuring the use of crystal beams for war purposes. National security was augmented as a concern by the Belial and a misaligned sense of manipulated patriotism swept the land. To great shock a member of the Alta-Ra had been targeted and seduced by Aryans to switch positions. Such is the illusion of power that may seem right by an illusion of ego when one gains power. Thus through ‘legalized’ governmental control under the Sons of Belial the use of crystal power for weaponry could sadly not be reversed.

That which is known as the Second Moon of Atlantis became altered as the Aryan knowledge of programming grew. The Alta-Ra were initially able to defer the usage, but in time were slowed down. The crystalline satellite, of arcturian construct, was an enormous unmanned sphere approximately five miles in diameter. It was somewhat of a computerized macro-chip that refracted, amplified and reflected powerfully refined beams of energy for use in agriculture, weather control, tide control, healing temples and the enhanced ley-energy systems generated by the crystal poser system. A rainbow kaleidoscope energy band of antigravity plasma swirled around the sphere and often appear as what we term now as the aurora or northern lights. It did not orbit earth but it moved as programmed to perform a myraid of tasks. Under Aryan control, technologists and department heads were quickly replaced with their own. The Alta-Ra explained that overloading the satellite would dissipate the antigratity field and a catastrophic crash would occur which was ignored by Aryans. The Belial scientists, with council approval, began sending thermal light beams used to initiate volcanic eruptions and massive earthquakes to colonies and nations who refused to give into their demands increasing usage with support of most of the populace.

Under Atlantean rule people behaved well because they were able to keep track of everything. Implying that they had no choice but to behave, or else. This was the blind spot Atlantean rulers held. They could not see how their perfectly ran society could in fact be holding people back from evolving to the next spiritual-planetary level. Because most were already highly evolved they began to lack attention for spiritual needs.

The Crystal Moon began to overload weakening the anti gravity field. After several months of war use the satellite began to swerve and power blackouts occurred. The Alta-Ra were asked to lend support though most refused. Some agreed to try and stabilize it but all attempts failed. The Alta-Ra were aware of the impending disaster of from the beginning and gathered an inner group of loyalist within the Law of One to plan a circuitry disconnection and relocation of the fire and energy crystals to various ‘safe’ locations before the crash and without knowledge of governmental control. This was done with technology and assistance from Sirius B.

Some, but not all, crystals were saved and put in dimensional locks, based on priority, all over the world which would activate in our day.

The crystal energy beneath the earth on lock places  a quarantine over the conscience-energy field of the planet trapping the physical conscious from extra-dimensional travel.

When they activate, which they have finalized December 21, 2012, the humans are able to align with the Atlantean crystalline wisdom attained in the Golden Age of Atlantis when they consciously choose to.

About a year before the crash the Lemuirans received their signs to move underground. They were prepared to be the keepers of the records of earth for the next sever thousand years when the people emerged. Otherwise the sacred teachings would have been lost forever.

Indeed after being used as a ‘death ray’ the crystal satellite overloaded and crashed in a horrific explosion that weakened the tectonic stability of the Atlantean plate vaporizing massive sections. Followed by waves of earthquakes and tsunamis collapsing landmasses into the ocean leading to power station explosions that can be seen to this day in the area of Brazil called ‘Sete Cidades’.

The Lemurians went underground and the Atlanteans were half placed on arks as well as underground. This links to the story of Noah’s Ark though there were many arks instead of one. Many of us were there on the surface to witness the crash and died.

The prophets knew that when the time came for the people to emerge, they would move away from the sacred teachings as basically all technology would be lost. Thus throwing the people to a primitive physically dependant state. Half of the lemurians decided not to emerge because of the darkness they sensed already surfacing and developed civilization for the next few generation underground. At one point half of the half decided to emerge while the rest remained. Those are the inner earth people who have evolved quite rapidly over the past several thousand years. They have mutated to allow themselves to adapt to life below the earth.

As societies began to emerge all over the world prophets kept in secrecy the teachings from the people because their lower conscience would manipulate the information. Though they knew that would one day, at the end of the cycle, The Records of Earth would emerge. Quickly moving into the physical jungle people began to forget their psyche abilities and experienced a massive shrink in life expectancy.

This is when we, including nearly all Atlantans, decided to take on biology through reincarnation. It was our only way to get through to the other side.Those souls who were devoided from behaving badly (supporting Aryan rule) went wild pillaging and controlling as they didnt know any better on a soul development perspective and now had the opportunity to explore the abilities of the dark side. These lifetimes were spent to learn otherwise and understand the consequences from every angle. Most learned that it neither feels good nor extends love to mistreat or be mistreated. These lives spent abusing others were balanced out with lives of the other side.

This is the point of the destruction of Atlantis – to give all souls a chance to move on to the next level of spiritual freedom.

The Native Americans, the underground people of Lemuria and Atlantis, emerging in the Americas, did not mix themselves with the rest of the world to ensure the knowledge be preserved while the power struggle continued on the other side of the world. That is why there is such division between Natives and Western Society. They do not wish to participate in the game of conflict.

From Noah (Leader of whats left of Atlantis on arks) came his three sons (groups of people separated).

Noah meaning rest or comfort for the male and motion when used for the female gender.

“God shall enlarge Japheth, and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem; and Canaan (son of Ham) shall be his servant.”

Ham, a son, was found in Africa originating the Hamitic races that lead to become the Egyptians. Claiming to be of the red-skinned, Egyptians remain slightly darker. The red-skinned are the original mud people from Sirius first created in Lemuria. The red-boned are a group of mud people who were altered with ape genetics to become physically inclined and are indeed a new breed in our universe.

Egyptians are descendants of Atlantis with Lemurian memories, thus their love for the brightest star in the night sky. Being of Sirius, the mother (feminine) aspect was embraced amidst the struggle for power. Essentially, giving rise to the development of african-physical, female-intillectual superiority we see today.

Of the feminine nature in the newly-primitive world Ham was said to have seen Noah naked in his bed drunk. Then shared in laugh with his two brothers.

Where Ham snickers, Shem and Japheth immediately go to their fathers house, entering backwards to not see his shame, and cover his naked body.

When Noah discovers what happens he interprets  a rebellious Ham against the Father Authority. Noah then curses the descendants of Ham to be servants of the other brothers.

Of the white-skinned was Japheth who settled the indo-european continent.  He, as the oldest son, was to be the intellectual and most open-minded. Thus, mental ‘enlargement’. His descendants would be simulators of thought, exploring new ideas and principles in science.

White skins being from the Pleiades (who are genetically, closely related to earth humans) would come to act as our big brother. Essentially, leading us out of the jungle. As we are to follow in their footsteps.

To “dwell in the tents” is another way of saying “to have fellowship with”. Meaning that the descendants of Japheth and Shem would have companionship.

The Shem were of the bronze color and their descendants knew that “the seed of the woman” (Jesus better known as Yeshua) would be carried through his descendants. Leaving it up to them to carry the knowledge of god through the generations.

Other star systems chose after the flood to incarnate to spread their own ideologies in contribution of the overall result of knowledge gained.

In China formed a population of Arcturian spirit. Who believed a great dragon (reptile) was out to capture their sun. Arcturians, in our galaxy, are of the wisest in our Universe, who the Pleadians look up to.

Of interesting appearance are the Sinites sprouting from the descendants of Ham who migrated more than anyone in the beginning. Sin and Heth (descendants of Ham) being the ancestors of oriental.

The reptilians involved in our story have been mingling with planet earth since the beginning of Atlantis. The ‘Lizzies’ are about 8 feet tall, have long black tails and thick, green, scaly skin standing up right on two legs. The heads and jaws resemble alligators and they are physically-intellectually superior to the current stage of human evolvement. They are warriors and master geneticists and are of service to the self polarity (most of them anyway). They can be considered forces of darkness in that they raid realities and control systems of consciousness for the sake of power in serving the self. They are strongly polarized along the Separative Principle of The Universe allowing their civilization to develop along their own lines. They seek conquest and will use whatever level of power and violence is needed to achieve their goals of domination.

These are the truly bad dudes and dudettes of The Universe, and they came to own and control different portals of space and corridors of time, which allowed them to raid different realities and structures of consciousness called planets. As is true of all those of negative polarity, they were never satisfied with all that had come under their control, and they continued to spread themselves throughout The Universe like a metastesizing cancer. In the far future, The Pleiadians have called them the universe’s biggest nightmare, and They seek to alter that imperiled, freedom-less future by seeding the past in certain key locations with The Family of Light to bring about a revision of that past.

As an aside, it’s a free-will Universe, and all are allowed their free-will expression depending on the polarity they’ve chosen — service to self or service to others, The Dark versus The Light, Disunity versus Unity, and devolution away from The Creator versus evolution toward The Creator. The Lizzies serve the self at the expense of the freedoms of those who serve others. They do not give a damn about the hopes and the liberties and the evolutionary dreams of others. To them, it is the self that matters and how much of Creation they can bring under their control. They are electro-magnetically nourished by fear, and the energy of love is their enemy.

The Pleiadians have said that the reason that humans use only 10% of their brain is because the 12-stranded DNA was “unplugged”, genetically altered, but The Family of Light and those who are able to raise their consciousness will be rebundling that DNA first into 3 strands, then 6 and 9 and 12. The 12 strands would allow full, 100% use of the human brain with abilities now only guessed at, and at that time all the chakras would be fully operational and balanced.

This planet was basically raped by The Lizzies who then have controlled the frequency at which this planet operates for their own tyrannical purposes of maintaining control here and elsewhere. All of the wars down through the millennia and the unknown 10′s of millions slaughtered in those wars, the endless bickering over and competition for resources, the rivalries between cultures, the clashes between groups of people, the bloodletting, torture, rape, genocide, and wholesale destruction of everything that is meaningful to people have all been promoted, encouraged, and created by The Evil Lizards because it is the emotion and energy of fear that so delights them. It has to be obvious that they’ve been very successful on this planet and no more successful than in the 20th Century.

One of the ways that they directly influence planetary affairs is to incarnate into the human group, programming for wealth and status and ease of living allowing an opportunity for controlling a large number of humans. They are the “world management team”, the wealthiest of families, the international bankers, the despots, the tyrannical rulers, the dictators, and the power elite. They have studied in the mystical circles, learning how to use magic of the left-handed path, and continue to reincarnate into the same wealthy family to consolidate the wealth and power. They have used the method of covert control of the planet and will be making their move toward overt, conspicuous control during the years before The Dimensional Shift. This is why the Pleadians (big brother) took on the governmental role in conscious battle.

They are some of the darkest of beings in The Universe. I realize that using the terms dark and light are perhaps a bit dramatic when referencing the only 2 polarities in this Universe of duality, but I prefer to use descriptive terms that are known to most people. It is their manipulation of the negative emotions of humans that has kept this planet and all her civilizations from progressing along with the rest of the galaxy of billions of other civilizations. Their interference and fear-based agenda has made this planet the loner of the entire galaxy, and that’s pretty serious stuff. I think that the term, dark, is practically an understatement, a little too mild to describe the horrors they have perpetrated from one end of The Universe to the other.

This is what The Pleiadians and The Forces of Light warriors do for a living. In galactic wars they incarnate in strategic places in their distant past to effect the necessary changes in that past which would thwart the drive of The Dark Ones in the future. So that their people could live a free life. You who read this are indeed the Warriors of Light. The teachings through Marciniak are meant to awaken those ones who came here with the intention to do battle (in consciousness) with The Forces of Darkness and who had forgotten their purpose when they entered the “Veil of Forgetfulness” that all pass through when entering life of the fifth dimension and beyond.

There is a fly in the ointment, that makes up the entire story of these Dark Forces that have every intention of progressively extending their tentacles of control and domination to more parts of The Universe. All beings of sentient expression in this Universe, regardless of their chosen polarity of expression (service to self or service to others), are equally fragmented aspects of The Creator Being of this particular Universe. One side of the polar divide between Dark and Light is not loved any more by The Creator than the other. All are loved equally by their ultimate Source.

With that in mind, however, there will always, as long as this Universe endures, be an inevitable clash between the 2 opposing sides, because The Creator of this particular Universe chose to express Itself by way of 2 opposing Cosmic Principles that established the inevitable polarity of all sentient forms that came into being, those Principles being that of Unification or Oneness and that of Disunity or Separativeness. The twain shall never meet (except on the battlefield).

Those who have chosen the path of return to The Creator (evolution) by way of service to others are guided by The Unification Principle. Those who have chosen the path of turning away from The Creator (devolution) by way of service to self are ever guided by The Separative Principle, and it will ever be for the duration of this Universe. The Dark Ones will always seek conquest and control over others to satisfy the most fundamental driving force of their being, the service to self. And The Light Ones must always oppose those who would enslave them and take away their freedom to evolve toward The Creator because that is their fundamental agenda in existence. Both are loved equally by God, their Creator, but the oppositional tension is a necessity because of the way that The Creator chose to express Itself (and discover Itself) in this particular Universe.

Therefore, reptiles are apart of our family tree. They are the greys of Orion (mother-created). When you are viewing the illusion they seem to be tormenting you. Though when you see through the allusion, they are pushing you down so you can learn to pick yourself back up.

Obviously we cannot cover everything about Earth history. So this is a highlight, a recap, a glossing over, shall we say. But it will be enough information for you to be able to begin thinking and looking in other directions, perhaps, than before.

The beginnings of humanoid consciousness began in the area we call the constellation Lyra. Eventually the consciousness took bodily form (in terms of humanoid beings), and within the Lyra system civilizations began exploding in all directions. They began polarizing themselves, as is the natural template of your reality – for having a polarized reality stirs us to achieve integration.

The other foundational civilization was from the system Vega. There is a star Vega in our Lyran constellation. In terms of light years, it’s much closer to us than Lyra, but they regard themselves as part of the Lyran system. The Vegan civilizations are also a certain genetic strain, a less Caucasian type. Still humanoid, they are more representative of the darker skinned races on your planet, from Native American to East Indian to aborigine. Some of the specific African races on our planet were specifically engineered for Earth, so we may not find the exact type out there. These two polarities began the explosion of humanoid civilizations outward into the galaxy until you eventually get to Earth.

We can see some of the genetic progressions here. The Terrans (Terrans, of course being you) and the Pleiadians are more light-skinned (Lyran). Orions and Sirians are somewhat more Vegan. Now, there are a myriad of other civilizations: for instance, in the Vegan genetic chain there are Alpha Centauri and Altair, various planets in the Draco system, and some civilizations within Ursa Major. Those are minor players. We speak of the main players of this drama.

The Vegans were the first civilization here on Earth, before the Lyrans ever came. During the time when prehistoric creatures were on our planet. Earth then was considered a future Vegan colony; when the planet settled down it would become a Vegan colony. Since Vega is close to our Earth in light years, this is very natural.

But the Lyrans came eventually and caused a lot of trouble (which is something they’re known for). At some point the Vegans pulled out and it became a Lyran planet. Generations and generations later, the Sirians, who were begat from the Vegans, came back to claim the Earth. So the conflict thus lies between the Sirians and the Lyrans.

Those of you who have read a book on your planet called The Gods of Eden will find a reference to the Brotherhood versus the custodial gods. This dynamic of the Brotherhood, the custodial gods, the Lyrans and the Sirians has been playing on our planet since its inception. We have two groups who believe, or did believe, that we were their territory.

Before we go further with this we do not want to imply that you are all puppets on a string. The key idea is that, reincarnationally speaking, you today were these forefathers who fought over you. So it’s an internal family struggle; you’re fighting against yourselves. No one is doing anything to you. You are attempting to heal your past by bringing up these past issues in contemporary times. This is why you see many of the divisions on your planet now.

Archetypally speaking, the Brotherhood, the Sirian group, was the group that had knowledge, the group that cared about humanity – cared enough to occasionally give you a carrot to appease you, a tidbit of information so that you would grow. The Lyrans would be more like the custodial gods or the authoritarian, perhaps religious, figures you are aware of who are more concerned with keeping you subverted.

So this is the dynamics that have been playing on your planet for millennia. You have a group that’s attempting to enlighten us (in their own way) and a group that’s attempting to oppress us. Again, it’s yourself doing it to yourself. It’s the polarities within yourselves raging this war. This history is only the external dynamic of how it occurred.

The creation of mankind was basically a joint effort, though somewhat reluctantly on the part of the Lyrans and the Sirians, who both wanted the race on Earth to be created for their own purposes. So after Homo sapiens was fully autonomous on the planet and began multiplying, then the more subtle wars began over who was going to be the lord over you.

During the times of early man (for instance, Sumeria) the planet was divided into various areas where a certain overlord was in charge. As you go through the mythologies on your planet you find gods in different civilizations with different names but with strikingly similar qualities – for instance, Innana in Sumeria, Quan Yin in Asia, Isis in Egypt. Those are all representative of the same consciousness, of an “overlord” during a given time period. However, the consciousness that many of you have come to know and love, Isis/Quan Yin, is not what we are talking about. (The Quan Yin, the Isis, is more archetypal now; it’s the evolved version of that consciousness that has come to terms and integrated with everything and now serves as a loving force for evolution.) We’re talking about the past physical history that has been attributed to these names. We are talking about the personification of these overlords, these gods on your planet.

Many of you may wonder why God is sometimes referred to in some of your ancient writings as being a real person, a physical person. Many of the very, very ancient writings have not been altered, and they speak of God as a physical person. These extraterrestrial beings were no more God than you are with each other; they were physical beings. Throughout the ages their true nature has been either deliberately manipulated and changed to keep people under control or it has become distorted through the passing of time.

Rest assured that what we are saying to you will represent one aspect. There is also a lot being communicated to you on another level of consciousness, so you may feel that your head is crammed very full. You may have a lot of later insights, things we’ve not even talked about today. So much of this history is so convoluted and nonlinear that sometimes we must share with you concepts in nonlinear communication rather than through language.

It is our understanding that yes, eventually there will be, but it might not be in the next ten years. A lot of undoing and unraveling will need to be done before this information can be communicated to you. When we say “undoing and unraveling,” we’re talking about the hold that much of your religious structure has on your societal development. It’s like a plant with very deep roots; if you try to dig out the plant, all the surrounding dirt is disturbed as well. Society may not be ready for that type of massive change. This information will eventually be recognized, because even as we speak there are experts who are translating Sumerian and many other texts found in areas of your Middle East. Most – 75% – of the information has not been released, some because it’s not understood. Some of it hasn’t been released because it is recognized to be in direct contradiction to what has been part of your planet. So for now, at least, you’re not going to learn about this in your elementary schools. But in the future, yes.

There are so many hidden agendas going on your planet. In fact, they are so hidden that the people who originally hid them can’t even remember where they’ve hidden them. That’s your challenge. The idea of chaos is part of it. These agendas are so hidden that you have to go into total chaos even to know you have a hidden agenda, before you even find out what it is.

The basic hidden truth all of these facades are covering up is your divine heritage, who you are. It doesn’t mean you are all gods on a pedestal. It means you are all equal to God. You came from the heavens. You have a connection. You each have your own personal connection to a God that no one can dictate to and you are part of a vast network of family from planet to planet to planet. A very liberating idea, yes? That’s why it’s not widely known – it’s too liberating. But that’s the foundational piece that all of the facades, the governments, the religions, etc. are covering up.

When Columbus reached the Americas it was much more than the finding of the new land, but the land where the brothers of Atlantis and Lemuria would connect once again.

Earth and the souls upon it are experiencing an energetic change. We have been given the opportunity of being lifted from a 3rd/4th dimensional level to existing as a 5th dimensional civilization. If we were to exist on that level and not have good intentions we’d take down everyone with us. We must accept responsibility for our thoughts and actions. If we do not accept then those will do nothing about it because they refuse to acknowledge they are the ones causing harm. The responsibilities of the 5th dimension are even greater than they are now in respect to the energy you project and self-control. This experience allows that awareness we seek to advance.

The majority of us live average lives and only know what we are told. Though whether you believe this is your first time here or not i should not be having to tell you to act appropriately. We will always be confronted with various characteristics and traits from all levels of The Universe. It is your choice, however, the energy which you allow to flow through your individual portal into your reality.

If you ask what is the purpose of our being here, you find yourself at the beginning of the story were a spiritual physical balance is to occur. The spiritual Lemurians of Sirius lacked physical technology. Where the material embracing Atlantis had no knowledge of the dark side. Our purpose must then be to Master the natural and technological.

Which has been due to all the great souls confidently believing in their work of art. The leap of faith into the unknown involves letting go of unnatural temptation while trusting that all the great ideas are already out there in the right places.

It is of great privilege to be apart of the Humanoid Rise for Planet Earth. If we are not to be apart of the solution then we must the problem. So we must begin the rebuilding process. It will be effective for One Billion to hold this story and the alignment process in their intentions. I ask of you, extraordinaire, to hold the Light and Wisdom of Ancient Atlantis in your hearts once again.

And so it is.








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