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On An Hour with an Angel on May 15, 2014, Archangel Michael said:

Archangel Michael: The Ascension process … has already begun. You are already experiencing it. But when you reach there ―as you are about to, by the way; that is as close as I can come without breaking my promise with the channel [not to discuss timing.]

Steve Beckow: Well, now, Lord, I think I need you to confirm that you’re talking about everyone and not just talking to me.

AAM: That is correct.

SB: Everyone?

AAM: Every person.

SB: Okay! There you go, folks! [laughs] Thank you! (1)

I’m not at liberty to comment on what Archangel Michael has said behind the scenes on the timing of Ascension, but I think it fair to say that we’ve just heard Archangel Michael announce the beginning of Ascension as a formal process.

Yes, we’ve been ascending for some time, but I’m convinced that this was his announcement of the approach of the formal Ascension process, the announcement we’ve been waiting for.

He went on to describe the process we’re entering.

“We can call it a shift, we can call it a process of Ascension, a process of becoming. But the moment ― which is infinite and eternal, and we understand that that is difficult for you to understand in the time paradigm that you are thinking of right now, in your definition ― but that moment of Ascension is all. It is the full reconnection. It is the expanded heart, full consciousness.

“There is no reference point to the old Third. There is distant memory, because it does not ever need to be recreated. But there is a blissful joy and a knowing, not only of your place, your being, but your connection to all, your uniqueness, your divinity, and at the same time everything. And that is the infinite, eternal moment of Ascension.” (2)

Much of what’s been happening in the last year or so has been internal, to prepare us for Ascension. AAM said: “over the last months you have grown and you have thrived and you have come to realize you have shed so many false grids, illusions, paradigms, vasanas, issues. You have truly grown.” (3)

To those who say they haven’t experienced anything “except some very painful Ascension symptoms,” he replied:

“Is your heart more open? Do you feel more consciously aware? Do you feel greater empathy, compassion, prudence, humility, wisdom and understanding of the universe, of the Mother, of your beloved self, of others? Have you been involved in a significant process, not merely of letting go, not merely of surrender? Because out of surrender, which is an action, comes the next step, which is creation and co-creation.

“Have you felt a more urgent push to follow your dreams, to fulfill your life purpose, to know your life purpose and to live it? Have you felt a stronger urge to join in love with a significant other, with family, with friends, with community? Has your yearning and your observation of your star brothers and sisters grown?” (4)

These too are what we should look for to see if we’re in the process of ascending.  He added: “Now, does it take a day, hours? Yes, it does.” (5)

In a private reading, I asked him what Ascension would be like.

Steve Beckow: Can you describe what life is going to be like in terms of emergence? Is it a steep climb? Is it a gentle climb? Is it something that happens all at once?

Archangel Michael:   No, it is a process. Do you not get sick of saying this word. But it is a… it is a bit of a journey from A to B, but it isn’t A to B or C or even Q, it is A to B. So is it a steep climb?

SB:   I’m not phased by it being a steep climb.

AAM:   It is a significant climb.

Let me differentiate. Do you know that sometimes you are standing at the water’s edge, and basically all you see is the sand and the water, a few rocks. And if you go up to the breakwater, or up to… just 12 steps, the view is the entire horizon.

Now, is it difficult to climb a dozen steps? No. But the difference is night and day in terms of perspective in what you see and what you… where you emerge to.

Because not only do you see the horizon on the water side, you see what has been hidden by the breakwater behind you as well.

So it is a steep climb. Is it a grueling climb? No. Is it difficult? No. It is a matter of saying yes. and you’ve already done that.

SB:   Yes. Yes, indeed. I’m sure I have.

AAM:   You have done it and then done it again, and then done it again. So, no. (6)

He may be referring to having said “yes” many times but he may also be referring to the fact that most starseeds and lightworkers here at this time have ascended many times before. That’s part of the reason why we’re here, I’m sure.

(Continued tomorrow in Part 2.)


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