After two years of running this blog and reblogging alternative news from other sources, I have come to recognize the signs when something big is really happening. Like the quiet before a tornado, the biggest change in the underlying reality is always preceded by a huge silence.

While we are going through the change, the channels are suddenly silent as they go through the “portal” — often we are laid virtually flat as we try to process the new energy and transmute the old. I am not privy to what the collective is aware of, but I am subject to the physical transmutation that I feel.

The last two weeks have been very quiet. After a week of restful sleep, I got personally slammed with every physical ascension symptom I have had in the last four years. Combine that with sheer exhaustion, lack of creative inspiration (no green lights at the intersection of the new and the old for me), and a feeling that the old is still ending.

There is something new on the horizon, or it may be already here. BE prepared to allow it in.

~ Thetawave

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