Noua Era


“Greetings, Beloved Brothers and Sisters of Telos,

We send you our utmost love from the heart of Telos!

It is most wonderful to behold that you’ve made it through the turbulent energies of the last month of April, here on the surface.

Know that you have just reached the next level of your spiritual evolution. You have stepped through a new door to the New Earth. 

Now, things will get a little bit easier and you might have felt some of the positive energy flow that is coming into your reality, on some of your days.  When you feel the energies, ride them like a surfer is riding a wave. When there are days, were you feel the old heaviness, rest on the water like a surfer would do, laying or sitting on his surf board. Feel the soft rocking of the water… resting. And then, when you have gathered your strength and enjoyed…

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