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The history of the world is profoundly scattered with elements of mystical enlightenment and all the wonderful symbolism that surrounds them. From ‘cosmic precession’ and ‘ley lines’ to crystals and “magic mushrooms” – there is a whole range of different theories, which endeavour to explain the unusual effects. However, there is one paramount and unique portion of this folklore which is utilised by all of them and held up as being the most important aspect of the human mystical experience.

As Philip Gardiner and I have shown in our books, The Serpent Grail and The Shining Ones, something of importance is being referred to in the myths and legends associated with the Grail and this “something” exists in the head, or rather the brain. Those readers, who are familiar with “new-age” literature and its various concepts, would say that this “something” must be the pineal gland. Is the pineal gland…

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