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 Light Warriors and Emissaries of Light:

Angel cloud 300x151 Galactic Connection ... our evolutionGalactic Connection will usher in a new beginning.  We will assist on your journey to self-mastery.  It is not for us to say who is ready to hear the truth, but it is our duty to provide all the necessary information when you are ready to embrace it.

Change is always difficult and our departure from who we are and what we’re about is no exception. The recent higher vibration shift of Gaia and the surface population have left information gaps. Out of necessity we have been guided to bridge those gaps.

The decision to reformat our entire site was not made lightly as it’s an enormous task to embark on a radically new direction. Our mission was validated when a “changing of the guard” presented themselves to us.

Part of our new format will be to provide you intelligence briefings from members of the resistance, the world of finance and boots on the ground.  These people have recently stepped forward to assist you in discerning fact from illusion.

We say to you “seek” so that you may find what you’re looking for.  All you’ve done has not gone unnoticed.  You are not alone in your purpose and we are all headed to the same destination.

Join us in arms as legions of light, a force of love for which there is no defense.

We are where we have always been waiting for you to return home with us.

On behalf of the Galactic Connection Family we’d like to thank you and we are honored by your presence here at this crucial time.

Please take some time to kick back, put your feet up, and sip a nice hot cup of yerba mate on us while listening to our weekly radio show and messages regarding this…


Love Always


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