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Great update from James, here are some highlights:

The Anunnaki’s original symbiotic relationship with Earth’s Humanity (gold mining for spiritual growth), and how this changed when the original ones left, leaving behind a group to oversee the planet. This plan went awry when the ones left behind became corrupted, the “fallen ones”

Enki vs Enlil ~ the “god” who loved Humanity and the other “god” who was the wrathful one

Their legacy playing out right now, the old programs imploding and ending now

Energies from Cosmos assisting in elevating our consciousness, Earth changes accelerating

Higher dimensional “realities” beginning to manifest

Huge cleanup occurring now, Reptilians and Archons being removed (I’d like to believe that this dovetails nicely with Cobra’s and Eire Port’s recent updates which imply the same thing)

The Earth is a naturally abundant planet, there is enough for ALL

Free energy, resources and higher (space) technology already exist, they are paradigm changing and will end our “manufactured lack”

Benevolent Anunnaki returning now to retrieve those that they left behind and eventually went on to corrupt Humanity and the Planet, other races and alliances also assisting us now

We need to live with impeccable integrity, align with those of higher consciousness and those who live in accordance with Universal Laws, in Unity Consciousness

Go within and connect with Source

Time for us to lead ourselves with Hearth and Soul, be in service to Planet, disengage from the system

Exponential levels of higher and healing energies coming in over the next week.


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