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I want to tell the world our good news. We are all so excited about what you have been doing on the ground, we want you to have an update. You are creating miracles, but we are the ones recording them, since many of these miracles are the result of your individual efforts, your rising vibrations, and the private work you do in your quiet hours.
It has had a tremendous effect, Beloved Lightworkers. What a team you are!

Each week, as you have absorbed the events of your lives, dealt with the delays and the disappointments and reworked your feelings and attitudes to higher and higher levels, the Light on Planet Earth increases. As it has increased dramatically in the past week, it has made it possible for your incarnated Masters to perform the duties they have been standing by to put into action. Much of this was unknown to even them until this week, but in their undaunted fashion, they have picked up the ball and run with it, forming a working team of heart-centered Lightworkers whose natural impulse is toward action and cooperation.

What a pleasure it is to see them in action. Emails and phone calls fly across the globe, decisions are made with calm certainty and put into action without pause. We in the higher realms look on with delight and awe as our representatives there on the ground carry through the major decisions which have been considered and pondered and anticipated in higher realms.

You see, this is the partnership of humankind with the Godhead. It has always been thus, unbeknownst to most of humankind. It is our Twin Flames on the ground who execute the desires of our hearts, bringing the etheric Master Plan into reality in the dimension where it is to be experienced. Much of the work is unseen because it is done on the etheric level, but the source of the energy is the Heartmind of those who are in bodies now.

I will explain. We communicate telepathically with our Masters on the ground. They envision the Master Plan with the combination of Heartmind and Soulmind, as we have called it, that creates a portal to Love energy from Creator/One. This includes all the love energy we feel as well. In combining this Love with the vision of Earthly Paradise which is our hope for the next phase of life on Planet Earth, they create that reality. It can now be experienced, linking the vision of an accelerated timeline with the current reality on the ground. This must be done in order to “jump the timeline” while keeping the continuity of experience for those on the ground.

You, Beloved Humans, are already in the flow of experiencing a greatly accelerated version of the playing out of those events which have been predicted for Earth. It was our great hope that all the glorious events we had envisioned in higher dimensions would come to fruition, but we could not predict dates with accuracy because we did not know how quickly the team on the ground would be able to assist in the leap from the slower, more tedious timeline you were on to something more positive. This was only possible for them, in turn, when all of you were able to raise the vibrations high enough for them to enact the timeline jump.

In other words, the chain of events begins and ends with all of you. When we have described the events to come, we always describe the most positive scenario, since our describing it and your envisioning it as a result of reading our messages is the first step in creating the new reality. We then watch and encourage you to raise your vibrations so that your ground crew will have the positive energy flow needed to lift all of humankind to the next higher timeline.

When you maintain your high vibration long enough to create a synergy with others, the “lifting power” increases, opening new possibilities for positive experiences. When a large number of you lose your focus and fall back into doubt and skepticism, it creates an undertow, negating the flow of forward energies which would have carried the project to fruition. Father God once told you that it was you who were preventing the RV from being released. This is what he meant. The doubters and cynics who accused their messengers of being frauds and who railed against the “lies” being told by us – these were the ones who slowed the progress and put a wrench into the works, as you say.

Each time we offered a date by which an event would occur, we were basing our “best guess” on the most positive timeline, counting on you to provide the energy to accomplish the timeline jump necessary to make it happen. When we didn’t make it, many of you turned on us, lost faith in God, became angry and frustrated. We understand your reaction, Beloved Ones. We know how difficult it has been for you to give it your best and not see anything tangible come of it. This is the reason for our messages of encouragement here. We see the progress, even when the event itself has not yet occurred. This is the part of the picture you cannot see.

Let’s use a familiar analogy. When the football coach gathers his team for a huddle, does he say, “Ok, team, let’s see if you can gain a yard or two.” No! He says, “This one is gonna be a goal! Give it your all! You can make it!” This is our approach. We wish to encourage you to produce your best, and we know how brilliant your best can be, even more clearly than you do. I know you will understand that I saw what was possible, and I aimed our sights on that prize. It would not be helpful or fair for me to do less.

It is an act of faith when you read these words and absorb their meaning – the Love behind the words, the deep feelings of connection and compassion we feel toward you always. We have been there too, Dear Ones, and we see the challenges our Twin Flames are faced with daily. Your own Guides and your Twin are also watching over you, shedding a tear with you when you feel despair, coming close to comfort you when you are tired and frustrated. It is our most important job in life to watch over you and send you our adoring energy, to try to comfort you in the hardest times.

I want to assure you that the hardest times are over. The number of Dark Ones who stand in the way of your prosperity and fun and new freedom can now be counted on your fingers. Imagine! Only three years ago, the timeline scenario was still dangerously close to falling back into the mayhem and chaos possibilities. You have completely avoided that. No meteors will crash into your planet – the Galactics are catching them and sending them off course to protect you. Prime Creator will not allow any such cosmic disasters.

Nuclear war has been completely eliminated as a possibility for your planet, and all armed conflicts will shortly become a thing of the past. Notice the developments around the standoff in Nevada between the Bureau of Land Management and Cliven Bundy, the rancher. It has been called “the Second American Revolution,” but there is much about the encounter that is not public knowledge. As Father God has told you, the BLM agents were in fact set up to be killed by black ops snipers, which could then be blamed on the militia. This would have created the “false flag” opportunity to wage a civil war against militia members, provided an excuse to enforce marshall law, and opened the door to further suppression of freedoms.

The war that was planned did not happen when Higher Powers stepped in to disable the guns of the snipers and anyone else who was tempted to fire the first shot. We did intervene in this important event, because the probable outcome would have been bloody and traumatic. It would have created fear, rage, despair and hopelessness in people all across the globe, to see the United States descend into the kind of totalitarian land-grab that has characterized fascist regimes across the globe.

It would have had a profoundly demoralizing effect to see the country we associate with freedom sinking under the heel of the cabal. It could not be permitted to stop the forward movement we have worked so hard to accomplish.

Those of you who are really paying attention have begun to distinguish the action of the cabal from the actions of well-intentioned government officials who have no power because they are not aligned with the Dark Ones.

It has reached the tipping point where the cabal has become so arrogant and so desperate to maintain their control that they will attempt more and more outrageously contrived disasters to kill, maim and torture citizens into submitting to fear. The threats are coming thick and fast. Since the terror of 9/11 is becoming less and less believable, there have been more and more “terrorist” attacks, like the Boston Marathon bombing and the disappearance of Malaysia Flight 370.

You are aware that we sometimes use tactics which may appear similar to the Dark Ones in order to outwit them at their own game. For instance, the RV is designed to out-flank the money grabbers by flooding the globe with wealth in the hands of those who will use it for humanitarian purposes. I will now reveal another secret weapon which has been used to bring attention to their deceits.

You all are familiar with the Sandy Hook “massacre” in which many children were supposedly gunned down by a deranged teenager. There were many lessons learned from that event. One was the growing awareness that young people who are mentally disturbed need real attention and concern, not gun play. Another was that when a community is traumatized, neighbors and friends pull together to help each other.

However, there was another agenda at play here. It had taken the American people far too long to catch on to the use of “theatre” – contrived television enactments – to completely dupe the entire country into believing the cooked-up, contrived picture that was presented to them.

The population of TV watchers had learned to accept blatant inconsistencies and now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t video tricks as truth. It is still difficult to convince the average American that an airliner could not fit through a 30-foot hole in the Pentagon and then magically vanish, or that Building 7 next to the Twin Towers could not have suddenly collapsed because of a small fire in a corner of the building.

Now, this brings us back to Sandy Hook. I have decided to reveal the truth of this incident because Kathryn has requested it, and because the internet community has done a good job in recent weeks of uncovering the obvious lies and inconsistencies in recent events. The most obvious of those inconsistencies were found in the Sandy Hook story. I shall elaborate.

There were no bodies. No one really seemed to know the families of the “dead” children, and the parents seemed oddly unmoved by the supposed death of their beloved children. Suspicions rose as the first researchers began to notice that many of the “parents” were actors who seemed to do a very bad job of portraying distraught parents. The questions have continued, and have inspired a second look at other “catastrophes” like the Oklahoma City bombing, the storming of the compound in Waco, Texas, the plane crash of JFK, Jr., the assassination of JFK, RFK and MLK, and the recent “suicides” of dozens of banking officials, to name a few.

All these suspicious events, and many more, which were investigated and dismissed with pat answers and incomplete explanations, are receiving new attention from inspired investigators who are demanding truth rather than animated videos and false witness testimony. The investigations have finally taken on real weight and credibility, as more and more “false flag” evidence piles up, and those who are determined to uncover the truth are no longer dismissed as “conspiracy theorists,” as if that were a dirty word.

Yes, Dear Ones, the “conspiracy theorists” were on the right track. There was indeed the hand of a conspiracy of Darkness – the secret government run by the cabal – in all these events except one. Only one caused no death or destruction of property. Only one of these incidents was deliberately staged to awaken suspicions rather than suppress them. Only one was carried out at the behest of your Guides and Masters, to shock you into questioning everything you have been told, everything you have been shown on television. Yes, indeed, it was a made-for-television drama.

Do you see now how easy it is to create a massive event, cook up a story to explain it, hire people to read the lines of the major players, hire “journalists” to smugly analyze, interpret and film the “terrorist attack.” The goal in every case was to weave a convincing story, not to reveal the truth.

The makers of Sandy Hook, the Movie, proved that it was possible to do just that, and to hoodwink millions of people, even when there were deliberately placed clues in the presentation which pointed to discrepancies in the story. You see, Sandy Hook was a Shakespearian drama, designed to make you look behind the curtains – all the curtains! – to expose the true villains of all the many suspicious “false flag” events in your history.

One obvious clue was the visit of President Obama, who went to Sandy Hook and held a little girl in his lap the day after the tragedy. A photo of this same little girl, dressed in the same distinctive dress, was also frequently displayed as one of the victims. Internet researchers turned up literally dozens of clues which confirmed that there were no actual victims, that the entire incident was staged, and that something truly “fishy” was going on.

Did the mass media follow up in any way, to provide real questions or real evidence to expose the fraud? Not at all. As with past travesties, the fraud has never been uncovered. Why, especially since this time the deception seemed so obvious? Perhaps those who own the media are not willing to open Pandora’s box. It is time you did so, Beloved Ones.

It is time you do as the directors and cast of Sandy Hook, the Movie, hoped you would do. Shake your friends and neighbors. Shout it out: “We are free! We will not be duped any longer! We know the truth and we will not pretend otherwise! We are not the helpless victims of the Matrix, and we know it!” Was it an extreme drama, yes. Would people have awakened to the tricks of television photo-shopping if we had made it less gruesome? I think not. Are you angry at being duped? Good. Now turn that anger into admiration for those who created this lesson to awaken you, and take action!

Start a Revolution, but this time make it a revolution of Love. Refuse to be dragged into fear or hopelessness. Search out the culprits of the real “false flags” and expose them. In this way, you dissolve their power. Throw water on the witch, as Dorothy and her friends did in the wizard of Oz, and watch them melt. Your energy, your commitment, your power to create and to follow through will carry the day!

You joined together to create a letter campaign that stopped the sonar testing which was injuring the whales and dolphins. Now do the same for “fracking” then go on to eliminate the vaccinations which sicken your children, and the GMO crops which destroy the food supply. Choose your travesty and put your energy behind eliminating it, as you direct your passions toward the vision of the Paradise you and I have envisioned for Planet Earth. You are building the world you want for yourselves.

Raise yourselves up, Dear Humans! Rejoice in the knowledge that there are many among you who are courageous and clever, many who are awakening every day, and you are one of them!

Join with Kathryn’s StarShip Terra campaign (www.whoneedslight.org), aligning with The Freedom Club’s Our New Earth (www.ournewearth.net) and other environmental and health groups to form a coalition so powerful that greedy would-be polluters of our lands and our bodies will shake in their boots and finally give up their pointless Dark activities in favor of Harmony, Compassion, Peace, Perfect Health, Love and Joy.

I am your Adamos St. Germain, I am here with you always, and I love you without end.
Via Kathryn E. May, May 2, 2014, 11 PM, New York

Permission is given to copy and share this message, providing it is given in its entirety without additions or deletions, and credit is given to the channel and to the website, www.whoneedslight.org.

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