saint_lightThe Illusion of Separation is one of the most difficult illusions to transcend. We have said many times that you are not alone here on your Life’s journey, but many of you are still under the impression that you are a separate incarnation of your Higher Self. This is not so Beloveds. You are not a separate Being. In fact, there is nothing separating you from your higher consciousness except frequency. If you can perceive your consciousness as being in two places, two different dimensions of reality if you will, then you would be perceiving yourself more accurately.

You exist as a manifestation of your higher consciousness. Therefore you remain One Consciousness and one body of energy. As such, your higher consciousness is aware of your every thought and every action. There is nothing that your higher consciousness does not know about you, or has not experienced with you here upon your Earthly sojourn. It may be said that you have eyes and ears everywhere! And this is very true!

As you begin to connect once more with your higher consciousness through your Sacred Heart portal, your connection will become stronger and stronger as you integrate more of your high frequency energy. When this happens your higher consciousness or higher self, will begin to take a more active role in your life. Your physical body is also changing and becoming light-er, thus you will soon have the ability, with the help of your higher consciousness, to experience different timelines. The word ‘timelines’ can be confusing, and perhaps it is more accurate to think of ‘timelines’ as different realities. You will soon have the ability to move yourself and maintain your current awareness, into different realities of your consciousness. We have mentioned before that you are a complex Being, existing on many different levels of reality, or dimensions of reality.

Some of you are learning to recognize your own energy signature and frequency. You will learn that you can maintain this awareness within your 3D reality thus helping you to stay balanced and in harmony within yourself while going about your business in what you may perceive to be your normal life. Up until now it has been easy to become unraveled in your 3D reality as you find yourself becoming more sensitive to different energy frequencies or levels of vibration. Allow your higher consciousness to help you maintain an awareness of your energy and how it feels to be within your own energy frequency. This may take some practice but it is going to assist you in the coming weeks and months to stay focused and balanced.

Begin to perceive of yourself as a Being with infinite wisdom, creativity and possibility. Begin to think of yourself as having the ability to heal yourself completely from whatever ails you. Begin to think of yourself as having the ability to easily manifest the reality of your choosing. You are Masters, Dear Ones. There is no longer anything holding you back, except your own perception. It is no longer necessary to wear the mantle of being less than perfect. As the saying goes, you have been there and done that! It is time now to let it go. It all starts with Love. Begin to truly love yourself unconditionally, for there has never been anyone or anything that is ever going to judge you. You have been and always will be unconditionally loved. If you could see yourself through the eyes of the Divine, then you would see yourselves as magnificent Beings of Light. The Divine has no requirements of you, only that you learn to love and accept yourself as the magnificent creation that YOU ARE!


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