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“Twin Souls” usually alternate with one remaining on the ships to overlight and assist the incarnated one.

You and all of the Lightworkers on this planet have previously ascended at least 3 times before being allowed to volunteer for this assignment. Those were not ascensions in which you took your physical with you. This will be the first physical ascension for most of us.

It is rare and fraught with difficulties to have both Twin Souls meet in 3D. 3D is for resolving karmic difficulties and Twin Souls are such perfect mirrors that they often can not get along until very far along in their individual karmic resolutions.

Too much illumination of shadowy compartments reveals so many distortions that it’s hard to look and see everything you’re feeling so accurately reflected in your partner.

We have hundreds of soulmates and affinities of both male and female gender that constitute our soul family.

Each of us work out agreements with these members that mutually serve us, even though, we sometimes take adversarial roles to stimulate the acknowlegement of areas that still need more resolution. This is actually a very loving service.

On the other hand, we only have one Twin or–as in my case–a Triad of male, female, and androgynous aspects with the latter being the fully merged and higher dimensional unified self.

For this lifetime, most have chosen a gender that corresponds with their first incarnational expression. However, we all have had about the same number of lifetimes in each gender.

The thing that is so powerful with Twin or Triad Souls is that, when they come into each other’s presence, the resonance is so complete that it can throw them out of balance with their earth mission.

Mother Sekhmet has told us that many millions of Twin Souls are on the ships which will be decloaking and landing post-NESARA. These will be higher dimensional aspects of the same soul matrix.

Meeting them will catalyze a major upshift in our beings and their will be instant recognition that is beyond words to describe.

Everybody will not be ready for such an exalting experience until later in our upshift process.

First everyone will need to learn and integrate more of exactly who they are and understand that that radiant one they are seeing is not higher than them, but that that radiant one, is not cloaked in a 3D physical vehicle so appears like a higher dimensional angel or other lighted entity.

They will certainly be human, but so refined as to take your breath away.

Once full reintegration has occurred, the twin souls can display separate forms or combined forms as appropriate for their missions.

They will still be linked even if they appear separate. The unified form is the one that will feel the most comfortable.

Certain Ascended Masters choose to express with a same-sex consort partner–non sexually–to accomplish their higher mission. Such matters will not be understood until we ourselves inhabit our 5D vehicles.

Most Ascended ones have their opposite gender Twin as their opposite gender partner. Ashtar and Athena are one such example.

When you are totally connected telepathically you can be everywhere at once and nowhere at all. Another holographic mystery that is actually very scientifically understandable…from 5D+. (Feb. 12, 2009.)

We have been in 3D to mirror areas of ourselves with which we have lost touch. That allows healing, acceptance, and more flow.

Some of what we’ve judged is an aspect of our own nature in which we have failed to see the divine light. Now that many lightworkers have ‘cleaned up our own act,’ we can be that which we seek to partner with … non-karmically.

Of course, I’m not talking about legal marriage, which is OK, but not what you’re talking about.

As all on this planet increase in light, love and expanded awareness, we will approach unity.

To take that step we must know ourselves and any partner must also have resolved most, if not all, karmic issues or baggage. These ones chose…before entering…to accomplish that in 3-5D so that reunification and harmonization could be accomplished.

For those ones, the next spiritual step is twin-flame reunion/merger.

This can take some more mirroring but it will be a Fast Tracked Resolution and they [the twin flames] will be lifted up into a higher level where they can see each other in their true light. An initiation will occur and then they will return to individual consciousness to presence that understanding and outpicture it for others who may be at or approaching that same point.

The greater purpose is demonstration of higher levels of Unity which involve more than personalities; they involve Soul Matrix Unions.

The Law of the One–universal law–embodies the conscious awareness that we are all one.

When two partners achieve Soul Matrix Union, it is called a Mystical Marriage. That requires 5 or more chakras resonating harmoniously. Successful 3D unions only require 3 Chakras in resonance.

As we progress back to wholeness we reintegrate 12 chakras/centers/ individually and, in Twin Unions, there is a recombination of those pairs. Mother Sekhmet and Alcyone have achieved that integration, for example.

In my own case, I was given a ‘preview’ around 25 years ago.

I was then told that I would experience the full reunion in this lifetime. In the last years I was taken out of body and experienced what I was told was Fusion Fire Resonance with my Twin/Triple Flame. It engaged 12 dimensions of expression and I can not find words to describe that.

We merged with a 3rd soul aspect–I am a Triad soul, by the way–and at that level we were a fully androgynous unity…no separation.

As to what happens next, I have received guidance that my twin will land with the ships.

It is fine if she does and fine if she doesn’t. Because of those gifted experiences by my higher self, I am more settled and content with the knowing that that level of resonance is 5D+. As we achieve that, I already know the rest will follow.

Mother Sekhmet has stated that twin-flame reunions are very important to our next steps. My own experiences suggest that higher dimensional integrations involve all our templates in all our multidimensional/interdimensional realities, beyond this one.

What is a few months or years when you know what is ahead…and know that it is beyond description in 3D language.

The closest I’ve seen was Ron Howard’s scene in Cocoon when the woman and man are at opposite ends of a swimming pool and they came into resonance as she opened her high heart.

I have experienced that in other times and places and in my higher bodies. You will never forget the exaltation and magnificence of such an experience.

For a little perspective on what is involved, understand that 454 Billion years of experience has occurred, in which we descended from 100th Dimension, to 12th Dimension, to 5th and finally to 3D.

We can now understand the effects of our thoughts, feelings and actions on all life, in all dimensions, and take responsibility and be accountable for all that we create/co-create.

That is why all who were involved in the beginning are here now to resolve all issues that have resulted from choices made then and since. The only harmless and universal power is the power of unconditional love.

That is our Creator’s gift. It is the pearl of great price and each of us have that at our core and are now ready to unwind our outer wrappings that have hidden that splendor, which is the simple truth of who and what we each are.

Let the unwinding begin. (Feb. 7, 2009.)

[…] Most TF’s are on the ships and waiting for us to reach 5D so that you can reunite.

You could never be separate from your TF, anyway, because your destinies are linked
as you comprise a wholeness without which both whole half’s would have to wait until the other was ready. You will be ready sooner than you think/feel at this moment.

Mother Sekhmet says that many millions of TF’s are on the ships waiting to meet us half-way after the ships land. It is part of the next-step divine plan.

It is the normal policy for 1/2 of the duo or trio to be on the ship and the other half embodied. The 1/2 aboard the ship watches over their earth-half.

We alternate except under extraordinary circumstances…such as we are now approaching.

Working with TF’s on the planet can be very tough slogging as they are such perfect mirrors for each other, that neither can get away with anything major without it being ‘illuminated and mirrored’ right back to the other.

Be very happy that we are clearing most of our tough karmic patterns before we meet.

We are in extreme density here on this planet. Picture yourself having slogged for years through the hot and humid jungle in mud, mosquitoes, with constant danger every moment. By the time we have reached this point in our incarnational cycle, we’re pretty grody from our ‘exercise’.

Now, picture your other half arriving in refined light-body clarity and awareness, before you’ve had an opportunity to shower and freshen up. That would be tough on you and you would tend to look up and feel like something the cat drug in. That is why we are cleaning, clearing so much now, in preparation for
the coming reunions.

You would never be judged by your other half. In any case, however, it is quite possible–since many of us have forgotten who and what we really already are–that we might tend to judge ourselves as a bit too shabby for prime time company inspection.

However, as part of our current phase of awakening, we are beginning to remember more of our true identities and with the decloakings we will all take a half-step up. That’s huge! Most Lightworkers and Star Seeds are at 5.0D now. With a half-step boost, we could be at 5.5D which is the point at which ascension consciousness is permanent and our physical is immortalized, for all practical purposes.

Others range from 3.7–to 5.2D, including the Dark Hats. ALL will get the same 1/2 step boost when the ships decloak. Just as the Sun shines equally on the good and the criminal; the weeds and flowers; humans and insects, so also the decloaking will not discriminate: every particle of matter or sprit on this planet will receive the exact same boost.

What we do with it is our responsibility and we will be held accountable. The only Law is the Law of the One. Then, when the ships land, we will already be aware of so much more and know how to balance and clear issues that may have dogged us for eons.

It will be as if someone turned on a battery of lights instead of a 15 watt bulb. The ability to resolve issues will be mightily increased and expanded, for we will see everything and also see the place of balance from which all can come into resolution.

To then meet our Twin Flames will be quite a joyful event and we will look into each other’s eyes with all our awareness available. We will no longer perceive in terms of higher or lower, because we will know we are equals. (March 28, 2009.)

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