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“For now, it is as if you are holding your breaths, suspended in a stillness of heaven and Earth, anticipation running high, the nerve endings tingling ever so slightly as they sense the incoming tides of benevolent beams approaching. For you are once again awaiting the imminent arrival of emissaries from beyond your skies, emissaries that will uplift you all in manners you have yet to witness. And so we say, go within your heart, the better to witness what will develop. For what you are awaiting, is something that will touch you deeply, and it will do so no matter where you are. For it will be a limitless and borderless event, and it will be one that will be taking place far from the prying eyes of anyone less inclined to welcome these shining beams of brilliant light. For this will once again be a thing of the heart, a whispered conversation between you and All there is, a communication devoid of words, but filled with meaning of the highest intent.

“So again we say listen well to what you heart is telling you, for it is your heart who will be the welcoming host, and it will be your heart who will be bringing you these good tidings as they arrive. One by one at first, but as the days go by, this trickle will increase to a steady stream of pilgrims from afar, arriving at you door, carrying with them greetings from home. For this benevolent host of far-travelled harbingers of the light knows where they will be welcomed and so, they will flock to those wide open hearts awaiting their arrival, and they will come in a multitude, but there will be no shortage of room for them. For the heart is an endless, boundless place, where love has no limits and where the light will always feel at home and find a place to settle. And this time, you will all find your hearts expanding beyond what you could have expected, for this time, you are more than ready to take on the part of the welcoming host, the one that will know that the time has come to do just that, and not to turn the light away any more.

“You have needed much time to prepare for this, for you have spent many a lifetime considering yourselves unfit to play host to the messengers of light. You have looked upon yourselves as tarnished and tainted, impure and restricted in all manners, but now, you have finally found that what you have considered as blemishes are simply signs of lessons learned and of wisdom acquired. And so, you have finally opened your heart to yourself, and by doing that, you have made more than enough room for this incoming light to find a place to settle. And there are no limits to this light, nor is there to your capacity to harbour it any longer.

“So get ready to receive, and know that every single visitor will be staying a long, long time. In fact, they will be with you forever, but unlike any other house guests, they will never seem to outstay their welcome. For what they bring with them, is peace of the mind, as they will all help you to put your mind at ease so that your heart can step in and finally regain its rightful place at the helm, a place it was forced to abandon a long, long time ago. But now, the heart will set the course, and it will do so for the brightest of futures, and it will do so because you are the one who will finally allow it to do so fully.”

–from http://aishanorth.wordpress.com/2014/04/21/a-short-update-on-the-energies-31/

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