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Dear Hearts, we have come to speak with you today to help you understand who you truly are. You are created of the energy of Love, of Light. You, as We, are ALL. There is no separation in ALL. It takes quite an adjustment for us to speak to you as if you are separate from us. However, as you are not quite ready to KNOW that you are ALL, we are speaking through our channel so that you may understand what is now happening to you, as this will cause confusion for many. Our channel has been preparing to bring you our messages for some time. She came into the physical body to hold the Light of Love and the frequency of the Elohim. She works with the platinum, gold, purple and blue rays in order to bring these messages.

We Elohim have been called ‘the Voice of God’, which is a misconception. We are YOU, we are ALL – as YOU are. We are ALL created of the Divine – together WE ARE the Divine and therefore ALL speak with the voice of the Divine. We have brought ourselvesinto BEing because the Divine – the ONE that IS – wished to experience and grow. There is NO Hierarchy – we are ALL equalparts of the ONE Divine BEing that you call God, Source, Great Spirit or Creator. There are no higher Beings than YOU – only higher frequency aspects of Self. When you look to what you believe to be a higher Being – or any other being – to give you what you want or need, you are giving your power away – a Power that is YOUrs! YOU are the ONE who creates what you want or need through focusing your consciousness. You are Powerful, Creative Beings of Light.

When you came into the physical body the Truth of who you are was hidden from you so that you could fully experience the lower vibrations. You have completed that phase of experience. The wave of frequency that is now upon you will allow you to FULLY REMEMBER who you are in Truth. It is the biggest increase in frequency that you have experienced up until now and has been sent to EMPOWER YOU. It will open new pathways in your mind, giving you access to knowledge about the higher frequency aspects of your Self, which will show you without doubt that you are ALL.You will KNOW.

You will rediscover many abilities that were lost to you in the lower frequencies, but that have always been yours. This wave of high frequency energy – of remembering – will cause confusion and inner conflict for many who are not yet ready to own their power. All of humanity will feel the call of the Divine in their hearts, but not all are ready to listen. The Earth will also need to adjust to the new frequency, which may cause some upheaval. A short period of chaos is unavoidable and indeed necessary to remove the last of the old energy and to create the New Earth in Truth. Try to stay centered at all times Dear Ones, hold on to the Light and Love in your hearts, and you will ride this wave well. It will bring heights of Joy and Happiness that are beyond your ability to imagine at present.

This wave will awaken many more who will need your help and guidance to bring forth their own Light. Do not try to awaken them Dear Hearts, as they will find you when they are ready to open their hearts. We ask you to be patient and to be available when they call on you. They will be drawn to you by your Light and soul-song, which is a beacon in the dark for those searching for Truth.

Your Light shines brightly Dear Ones, and has a far greater reach than you realise. It embraces the Earth with Love and is awe-inspiring in its beauty.
You are deeply loved.

We are the ELOHIM.

With Love, Gabrielle

a loving universe

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