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Everyone is a part of God, everyone. Not a single person is separate, so what does this mean when you reject or hate another? If your goal is the realization of the Divine Mystery, then every Human Being, every single part of your life is a piece of that Puzzle. I highly recommend embracing it all, not ignoring any tiny bit. If you do that, you’ll have an incomplete picture, a limited vision.

Everyone in your life has a gift for you, and you have a gift for them. More accurately, you are the gift, and you can also get to know yourself more deeply through your interactions with others. What we need the most now is for people to come together, not united through some belief, but out of Love for themselves and each other. We have so much division at the moment when we could instead be learning so much from each other.

Many spiritual communities form cliques, which means “a narrow exclusive circle or group of persons held together by common interests or views”. This is not a very helpful thing, it just creates more division and separation, which is something the world does not need any more of. Exclusive groups with exclusive teachings, is this what it means to be spiritual? If it is, perhaps we should toss out the whole concept of spirituality and just focus upon being Human Beings.

I’ve got another great word for all this, I bet you didn’t expect to get a vocabulary lesson here, did you?

Insular – separated from other people or cultures : not knowing or interested in new or different ideas :  dwelling or situated on an island

We have insular spiritual communities, and ones that often want to convert more people into believing the same way they do. I wonder, does this have anything to do with Spirit? Do you think that’s what God is about? Many of you chase away people who don’t believe the same things you do. This is a religious type of thinking, it’s a behavior designed to protect beliefs. Religious people believe they need to fiercely protect their beliefs or else “evil” thoughts might start sneaking into their minds and even people who know better than this often continue the same patterns.

We have the opportunity to unite people, and not through conformity of beliefs but through tolerance, acceptance and most of all Love. It’s okay to not believe the same things, our world doesn’t need more conformity. It’s not up to you to convince everybody to believe the same way you do. What we really need is people coming together despite their differences. We need people celebrating their differences and what makes them unique!

You have so much you can learn from other people, and not just spiritual people, everyone!

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