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“Just to let everyone know, the event began September 16th, so it’s already started. On September 16th to the 20th the entire rules of our reality changed. I spoke about the audit that went on between March 20th to 22nd this year, in which Prime Creator came in and had the entire social and spiritual contract system of our entire reality at the graduation time level looked at from top to bottom and even every piece of fine print and how it all distilled down to the common denominator of each soul that was interactive and effective with or without domination and control. And the rules that were set up, the charge group, completely failed at that. Prime Creator had his walk-ins come in, over 500 million have come in since that time we talked (in June) . The government shutdown was because they had to bring that three headed monster back that they used on us so many times before because they couldn’t start a war in Syria. Because there are paranormal experiences happening all throughout the Syrian reality zone, they needed to cut out the commercials and cell phone video’s that were coming out. There were video’s of beings walking into crumbling buildings and manifesting out with an almost dead child. Thousands of video’s like that were suppressed.  

What else you are not hearing about is the series of womb chakra’s under Syria. That was the whole reason on why they had the war there and a rebellion the first time. The dictatorship controlled the sacred geometry of that area and there is a series of womb chakra’s throughout the middle east. And those are the womb chakras that have so much myth attached to it. And it is the myth that is used to create belief systems from entities who created a belief system millions of years ago and who were waiting for a generation of people to literally wait for something to happen that they created in time. It’s to guide the belief system of the awakening, with letting us use our free will to make that mistake. It’s usury at it’s highest level.”

Andrew Bartzis
Galactic Historian

Above excerpt taken from Lance White’s Mt Shasta follow-up interview with Andrews on 11/16/13: Listen here

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