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Beauty is timeless, any day of the year.

Happiest of Holidays to everyone. The image above, one of many that we took on a postcard day at Crater Lake, Oregon, is just one of a multitude of wonderful impressions that have graced my consciousness as memories from 2013, which for me, has been the Year of the Road Trip.

It’s been two weeks since I returned home from the most recent one, which is encapsulated in the image below.  

At simple glance, it becomes evident that a picture can be worth far more than 1,000 words, because each of the small ones that you see overlaid on the map, which loosely delineates my most recent road trip, is a story unto itself. It is, nonetheless, great to be home, although there are already rumblings about going somewhere else.

And while there is much that I could say about every stop, and every individual pictured above, it’ll have to wait its time, as much of what you’re about to read has already been written, and it’s about something that is perhaps a bit more “universal.”

One thing that repeatedly came to my awareness on this trip was the incredible toll that our current “modern” lifestyle is taking on so many people. However, we’re generally rationalizing away the cause of these conditions to such culprits as viruses, bacteria, environmental factors, and aging. Rarely, if ever, do we see ourselves as an active contributor to our problem. As such, we don’t see ourselves being part of the solution either.

Everywhere you turn it’s common to meet someone who is coping with one form of chronic, degenerative condition or another. The medical industry will call these conditions “diseases,” but most conditions are the result of subtle stress, created by the unabated, unquestioned, and rarely challenged application of synthetic, artificial, non-living products, processes, and practices.

While making a purchase at a Target department store on Chicago’s north side, I sorely wanted to reach out to my check out lady, a woman who wore a brace on her left wrist, and whose neck was severely distended in appearance, indicative of an over-active thyroid. The picture to the right is not her, nor an attempted rendition on my part. It comes from a novel blog, Pathology Personified, which presents visual aids to the signs and symptoms of medical disorders. Hyperthyroidism is a disorder of the endocrine system. The bulge on her neck is like the one I saw on the check out lady, extending outward on both sides, making her look somewhat like a linebacker on steroids.

Then too, while I have no way to know for certain, it would not be a surprise if steroids were part of the check out lady’s prescription regimen, as you can pretty much bet she is on something pharmaceutical.

If she were open to a conversation, I would have loved to sit down with the check out lady, to impart some information that she is unlikely to hear from her doctor. Namely, that in spite of appearances and beliefs to the contrary, her health can be restored; and her body healed. It’s not necessary to “battle” disease. One need only “wage”balance and restore peace.

Peace on earth begins with peace Within, first in the Mind, which will then re-form the body. Peace Within can be chosen and restored the moment we choose to love.

The diseases aren’t the actual problem, and “doing battle” with them isn’t the solution. The way things are done now, when the patient eventually succumbs as the ultimate casualty of the “sickness game,” the disease gets blamed. Since the designers of the game think that “dead men tell no truths,” the game, and the sickness, goes on.

As we have slumbered in the darkness, not knowing who or what we are, it has persisted for too long. That said, I also believe that a change is happening. A new paradigm based on a deeper understanding of Self and an inalienable Oneness with Creation, is at hand.

From where I sit today, it is evident that every disease condition can be healed; each and every human being is endowed with the power to restore his or her health. This is not the province of the doctor, nor the Medical Industrial Complex. It is the province of our being; an element of our design. This power has always been present and available, and always shall be. The holder of the key to activate it, is you. It is neither “locked,” nor “hidden.” Its importance has been marginalized as not significant, and/or shrouded in a web of fear.

That veil is lifting.

The problem surrounding the causation and expression of disease appears to be in terms of information and energy, and their effect on balance (both molecular and energetic) and coherence. It is supported, if not instigated, by certain of the individual’s attitudes, habits, and beliefs whose effects occur on both molecular and quantum levels. We become “sick” because we believe what we have been told by doctors and any other influence on consciousness, which is also supported by what we have observed.

Doctors and the Medical System aren’t the first line of offense. The attitudes, habits, and beliefs are cultivated through social conditioning, education, media suggestion, government policies, and virtually everything, including religion that suggests that we withhold, restrict, or be discriminative with respect to our natural proclivity to love.

Tina Turner’s famous song, “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” cues up and plays in the background of my mind.

As long as we’re not clear on the primacy of love and its power, hence, our power; and as long as we think we have good reason not to give it constantly — to be it constantly — we’ll be short-changed, not knowing that we are the short-changers.We short-change ourselves when we withhold love from others, regardless of how “right” it seems. Withholding love takes energy, is stress-causing, and negatively affects the well-being of everything we hold dear, including the health and vitality of the body itself.

This is certainly not going to fly well at your neighborhood medical school. That is, unless Pfizer, Merck or some other pharmaceutical company could come up with, and patent a Love pill. It would be bigger than Viagra, and just as deceiving, as it would be another in a long list of “False Idols” that we were warned about, but wouldn’t know if one hit us over the head.

So this is a good time to say a thing or two about “False Idols.”

False idols are everywhere. They take many forms, and can also exist without form. In the simplest of terms, a false idol is anyone or anything that would be a stand-in for your own Inner Wisdom, Knowing, and Love. Chapter 3 of The Door of Everything, by Ruby Nelson, speaks of the Grand Cosmic Being, which is the You that you’ve been looking in all the wrong places for.

This book speaks of a seed that is planted, or you could say is present within each of us, that is as different from the “us” that we are familiar with as a butterfly is to a caterpillar. At the right point, not in “time,” but in consciousness, it will activate. I believe the “ripeness” of activation is dependent on our willingness and readiness to Love All.

Chapter 4 is The Sacred Seed

Sickness is just one effect of an extended pattern of not Loving, to which doctors are only too eager to offer a quick or apparently rational, but unconscious, short-term “solution.”

We don’t know that we don’t have to follow their “prescription,” nor how to go about doing that. Also, we trust another False Idol, which I’ll call the “Medical Industrial Complex,” to earnestly be seeking cures to the steadily growing list of ailments that we experience, when in truth, it actually stands in opposition to, and the suppression of, the deployment of such cures.

The cashier at Target was one of many people I crossed paths with who were experiencing deterioration and dysfunction in their body. My former college roommate, Don Murphy, received a kidney transplant several years ago. One of my mom’s neighbors is dealing with bone cancer. Her son, whom Mom described as very large, has also experienced a stroke, also demonstrates diminished pancreatic function (among other things) medically referred to as diabetes.

On the final drive home and in the past week, I have spoken to, or become aware of another 10 people who have been called upon to “battle” for their life and well-being after receiving a medical diagnosis of some form of cancer.

At this stage, the diagnosis itself, with the fear that generally comes with it, can be a catalyst that increases the likelihood that the dreaded event may indeed come. This is one of the reasons behind the political – even though not backed by popular mandate – push of the government-instigated medical intervention program referred by some as the Affordable Care Act, or “Obamacare, “ as it is more affectionately known.

To me, it is another example of a False Idol.

The ‘Health Care System’ as False Idol

I have no interest in “health care” as offered and practiced currently. I will not enroll in a health insurance program. The simple reason is that these programs only “cover” procedures and practices that take the patient further down, not the rabbit hole, but the shit hole of disease. Knowing this, why would I pay to get in on such a deal?

Obamacare is worse than placing the proverbial cart before the horse. The “cart” is made of papier-mâché’, and the horse is worse than having blinders on; it might as well be blind.

Has anyone noticed that no one ever talks about lowering the cost of health care? The simple reason is that, as medicine is practiced today, with new “diseases” being identified daily with little professed understanding about, or seeking to mitigate causes, there’s no reason to believe that there will be a downturn in the need for “health care,” and its “battle” against illness.

The False Idol health care system therefore needs more money (another False Idol) to feed it, so it seeks to force (coerce) younger people whose health hasn’t already been used up (and who won’t be taxing the system), to spread the anticipated escalating costs around.

Do you see how this system cannot sustain possibly itself?

War is so yesterday!

Few people seem to understand that the proclivity to set love, compassion, patience, tolerance, and cooperation aside to try to impress our will by force, which turns our relations into “evil” or “villainous” forces, is why we have disease in the first place.

Our willingness to destroy the least of us in some inane attempt to weed out “evil,” isthe problem. We do the very things to others that we would not have others do unto us, if we had our druthers. This happens in both social and medical practices.

Case in point: chemotherapy and radiation in cancer treatment. There is great evidence, not only that they make a bad (out of balance) environmental situation worse, but that they are never beneficial.

Case in point: organ transplantation has become a viable business unto itself, even in light of evidence that, given different inputs, the “bad” organ is capable of healing.

The video below is a conversation I had with Fred Eichhorn, now a Naturopathic Doctor, who (1) healed himself of pancreatic cancer, and (2) as an internist, helped patients who were on a kidney transplant waiting list bide their time by bringing their mineral levels back into balance, which inadvertently led to their own kidney’s healing and no longer needing the donor kidney.

Instead of great joy, the latter development curried great disfavor among the hospital establishment, eventually causing Eichhorn to make a choice: either pledge to follow “The Book” or not receive his license. He chose to walk away from medicine (at least that kind), but not from helping people get well. (Visit his site at www.ncrf.org)

There is a very pronounced dearth of innovations being introduced by the medical industrial complex that:

  1. actually and conclusively induce and facilitate healing, and
  2. are inexpensive and accessible to everyone.

We are simply led to believe that “the cure” hasn’t been found, and that we must remain in fear of the disease.

All of this is false.

We trust in a system that treats us like fodder or chattel property. There’s no other way to look at it when you view the facts. With just a reasonable amount of understanding about biophysics, and agreement as to what constitutes an ideal baseline condition, it would be easy to call a halt to virtually every “standard” practice used today in medicine, from vaccination programs, to radiation and chemotherapy.

It’s no longer good enough to justify these heinous actions by saying the corporations are just out for the money. Believe it or not, it is possible to help people and make money while doing so. These companies – this system – isn’t just about making money. It is actively making you sick and keeping you unaware while taking your money, health, vitality, and lives, while blaming it on “disease.”

Alphabet Agencies as False Idols

The alphabet agencies create and enforce unilateral “laws”, which they have no actual power or authority to do, that are based on falsehoods. The FDA’s salacious claim that any product that suggests “curative” properties is automatically a “drug,” and falls under their jurisdiction is not just a falsehood; it’s a bald-faced lie. Drugs do not CURE disease. The restoration of balance within one’s life, mind, and body, is what cures disease. Loving thought and action balances, and therefore, facilitates healing. Healing comes as naturally and automatically as breathing when balance is restored. It doesn’t matter what the “disease” may happen to be.

A more accurate picture of You includes the human energy field.

Why is this? Because the pattern or instruction set of a healthy you and me exists as an etheric field that surrounds and enfolds us. That field, which is neither electromagnetic, nor molecular, nonetheless will influence both, when we become resonant with it.

That resonant state is entered each time we express love.

I’m not speaking of flowery love, or romantic love, because one can easily go through the motions, but not be truthful. True love is truthful. It’s being honest, genuine, authentic. It is treating others as you would have them treat you, if they were loving people.

True love is harmonious, peaceful, within one’s self.

Each individual can be loving simply by restoring the joy in their life, restoring laughter, forgiving the past, looking forward to a harmonious future, and being a harmonic beacon and attractor in the present moment.

Government as False Idol

The opinion shapers and politicians – which by their very nature, maintain polar opposition and divisiveness, tend to introduce reasons why we should (1) be afraid, (2) trust them, and (3) do what they tell us… or acquiesce to the unilateral “laws” that they cook up on their own in order to control us, and then try to “enforce.”

Most drugs don’t bring or facilitate the restoration of balance. Quite the contrary. When has balance, fiscal or otherwise, been important enough to politicians that they make it happen?

It hasn’t happened because the government is not only a False Idol, it is a False Institution, a corporate entity that only appears to be “Of the People, by the People, and for the People.” It is “none of the above.”

Look at the concern for secrecy in certain government factions, and the compulsion to know everything you and I are doing and thinking. That compulsion will never be satisfied, because fear is a bottomless pit. Their ABJECT FEAR IS OF US DISCOVERING WHAT THEY’VE BEEN DOING, HOW MANY THAT HAVE DIED BY THEIR POLICIES AND ACTIONS, TRYING TO KEEP US UNAWARE OF, AND AWAY FROM OUR NATURAL POWERS.

They have nothing to fear from me. I wish them love.

Fearful thoughts tend to create greater stress on an already stress-compromised ecosystem system. This is true whether we’re speaking about the planet, or inside a human body. The stress occurs at the cellular level, wherein they appear as a clumped up mass, with neither individuality, nor vitality. Here’s an example of lethargic blood.

Contrast this to an image of healthy blood.

The vast majority of substances that receive FDA approval, after millions are paid in various fees, are unhealthy. If you took them, they’d make you sick. So by what logic do they still justify giving such chemicals to people who are already sick… other than the doctor “prescribed” it? The doctor must prescribe these medications if he or she wants to continue “practicing,” which otherwise means, be able to support their lifestyle.

Maintaining or restoring your my health has nothing to do with these issues.

Money, Military, Media: Tools of False Idols

Even the money that all of these institutions are chasing and wars being waged over, is false. Great lip service is given to keeping “the Free World” “safe”, but at the cost of freedom at home, and by risking the safety of people in other countries, who apparently don’t either look, speak, or believe as “we” do.

Why do military leaders never express a desire for peace that differs from the absence of fear, tension, enmity, fighting, carnage, and destruction?

Why do they “draft” young men, and now women, and put them into death situations where they have neither the mental, nor emotional maturity to fathom?

The Medical Industrial Complex would have you trust it, and its principal interfaces, referred to as doctors. Through the Media Industrial Complex, we are admonished to “ask your doctor” in ads that tout various medications for diseases that have such severe “side effects” that it would be reasonable to seek medical help for if one of them showed up on its own?

These advertisements also include what could be called, strong hypnotic suggestion, as to what to do if or when, for example, you learn that you or a loved one, has a cancer diagnosis. The options that you can count on not hearing about, are adding more love and balance in your life — along with better hydration.

Some Observations

The Medical Industrial Complex is not concerned about maintaining or restoring your health. If you care about your health, you’re going need to understand for yourself, what factors can trigger a disease pathology, and what can be done to correct it. The representatives of the Medical Industrial Complex are not going to tell you that you can heal without their poisonous medications. There’s no need for you to try to bring it to their attention or convince them either.

However, when you know these factors yourself – causes and remedies – you won’t need to ask a doctor anything, which is a good thing because the doctor is mandated to “treat” symptoms, not causes.

As unlikely as it might seem, these observations are not complaints. Things are the way they are for a reason. I don’t believe that the reason is for you or me to be a lemming and simply follow where the “authorities” try to get us to go.

Please understand that many will try to get you to behave according to some set of expectations, but there is always an “X-Factor,” namely, our waking up to who and what we are. Ultimately, the “authorities” must have your or my consent to allow them to “lead” us.

That which is given, even unconsciously, can be taken away when we wake up to where the power actually is. It’s there… it’s in here, inside us, always, even when we think it’s not. We’re using our power, even when we think we’re not. If this statement strikes a resonance within you, then simply begin noticing moments that support its truth all around you, in your life. I don’t have to suggest that you be grateful. However, when you feel it, you will also know, down inside, that you’ve struck a chord with your Grand Cosmic Self, and are in resonance.

That’s a very good sign that no one else will know, except for you.

We tend to rely far too much on “experts” who haven’t noticed, nor have they cared to notice such truths, convinced by other “opinion shapers” that money, privilege and status are the real powers in this world. We turn over “control” to such people and institutions when we allow them to guide the course of our lives, mostly relying on critical information that serves the individual and/or the institution, but not you or me. I’ve certainly done it in my life, many times, as I did not know my inherent and inalienable equality.

Now I do.

In this time of giving and receiving, please give the greatest, most important Gift, that is, your Love, Joy, Truth, Peace, and Harmony. You will cause amazing ripples that permeate the Cosmos, and liberate your awareness, of the Most Magnificent, Grand Cosmic You.


I am pleased to have released my conversation with Bengt Robbert titled, The Alchemy of Water.

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