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Sophia Love
Sophia Love

You are swimming in a sea of chains.  There are so many and they are so thick, you cannot tell what yours are attached to – but yes, you are shackled.  It is not as if your very life depends on what’s at the end of that shackle – it is that you believe that it does.  It is that belief that keeps you bound.  Keeps you moving to wherever it drags you.  Keeps you asking to be released.

It is your belief that holds you, your mind that binds you.
The effort to control you focuses on a constant stream of programming as well as entertainment and food, to keep you fat and happy, mesmerized and asleep.  You know this and yet you continue to search beyond yourself for the keys to your release.
There is only one person who can release the hold slavery has on your life.  There is only one way it can occur.  
The way is entirely self-motivated, self-sustained and springs from self awareness. There are no unknowns that depend on another to be known.  Self-reliant, self-propelled and self-conscious – these are the attributes of a sovereign being.
Your slavery has reached down to your core – it sits so deeply in your thinking that it is cloaked in familiarity.  It will not be comfortable to dig it out and look at it.  Your society puts on you pressure to conform.  You are tired.  You’d like to have someone take care of this for you – to fix it so that you can live without the chains, requirements, debt and dependence.
Freedom is a full time job.  You cannot be partially free.  As the details of deception and corruption are unearthed, you become gradually horrified at its scope.  Once your eyes are open, they will not easily be shut.
Ask “Who is served by this?” before undertaking any thought, word or action.  Let the answer direct your movements.  The system of slavery is only upheld if we participate.  Non-compliance means you answer to no one.  The guns of our governments and spaceships of those off planet do not, in truth, signify control or ownership.  We are, each of us, equal and sovereign beings.  The only thing you can be sure about in any interaction is that your perception is informing your opinion.
The desire for bliss or to be numbed to the harsh realities of the day to day keep us staring at our electronic devices and stagnant.  This is not an accident.  Nothing changes until and unless we change it.  We signed up for this, confident we’d pull it off.  A fully conscious, sovereign being experiences joy and fulfillment in deeply satisfying moments.  We will get there.
Perseverance, determination and tenacity are demanded of us.  We knew this was a part of it and that the payoff, when it came, would be that much sweeter because we did it ourselves.  We are the ones we are waiting for.
Notice the programming here.  Scrooge is as corrupt and vile as perhaps is possible in a business suit, yet the workers bow down to him, grateful for the chance to work, regardless of conditions.  This is a beloved classic, told many times over and many different ways.  My favorite stars Alistair Sim as Ebenezer Scrooge, produced in 1951.
The “happy ending” does not empower Bob Cratchet, but keeps him dependent and fed a bit better so he will work harder.  It is subtle.  Charles Dickens wrote the tale in 1843; our story goes back much further than that.

The quote on the photo is from Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, (1881-1938), founder of the republic of Turkey.  According to Wikipedia –
Mustafa Kemal’s basic tenet was the complete independence of the country.[56]He clarified his position:

…by complete independence, we mean of course complete economic, financial, juridical, military, cultural independence and freedom in all matters. Being deprived of independence in any of these is equivalent to the nation and country being deprived of all its independence.[57]

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