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“White is the Light of the heavenly Son, bright the beam of Frea’s swan song, round Sun’s curve the Ibis on, seed-sphere of life the IB is on, straight the way of Akh-in-Aten, pure is the call of the Bennu bird, cleansing its fire, the Wave is the Word, cresting the wave the Son is On.”  ~ Rowena

On this day of the Solstice, and the beautiful energetic peak it represents, I would like to speak a little about the Comet ISON, and the nature of the frequencies I feel it to be, to be igniting here on Earth and in the hearts of humankind.

Comet ISON, courtesy NASA image archives
Photo: Dennis di Cicco, CORBIS

ISON first came onto my ‘radar’ after inner communions with Deneb, the alpha star of Cygnus, the Swan constellation, in October. I had not felt this direct ‘beam’ of Cygnus since leading into the Spring Equinox of 2013, and had a strong visual of an arc of light coming through the solar portal to Earth from Deneb, in connection/fusion with her partner stars of the Summer Triangle, Aquila (Altair) and Vega (Lyra). Two days later, I saw a transmission (video) by Tolec and the Andromeda Council, stating that what is known as the comet ISON was in fact a biosphere from the Cygnus constellation, and that it was being flanked by two Procyon ships.  

Confirmation came from contacts in the Galactic Federation fleet of the Procyon presence (beings of the star Procyon, near Sirius, fulfill a role of guarding and clearing dense energies…think ‘Thor’ or the protecting aspect of Archangel Michael). The orb in the photo below I photographed earlier this week; the shield form of blue light in the centre, with a ring sparking with white light surrounding it, represents/transmits the energies of AA Michael and the Procyon (there are other beings here too; you may be able to see a hawk’s head).

Photo taken 17-12-13
Photo taken 17-12-13

ISON began to display an eagle or falcon-like shape, representing the presence of Ashtar and the Ashtar Command, as well as bird people of Light who have re-merged with the Galactic Federation. In channellings and discussions of ISON, there has been much speculation about whether the comet is a comet or a ship, or group of ships. In truth, it is both. We are talking about multi-dimensional beings and frequencies here; while Earth humanity may view the conventional form of an ‘object’ called a comet (although it has been noted by astronomers that this comet has made some unexpected ‘adjustments’ to its course while passing Venus), in 5D+ this object is being steered/guided by ships, not necessarily only one. At that stage, however, Ashtar’s ship, the Phoenix, was to my knowledge, guiding ISON.

Comet ISON, eagle/winged form, courtesy NASA image archives

Comet ISON, eagle/winged form, courtesy NASA image archives

I had a sequence of dreams and visions from thereon connected to the Phoenix, and to energies I will describe as ‘white phoenix’ frequencies (viewed through a 5D aspect, Rowena, on board the Phoenix, when merged with this part of my Self). What does the white phoenix mean? In Rowena’s words: “White Phoenix Light of Source comes as an ignition, a clarion call to the heart, to cleanse and purify the Way for birth and renewal. From the Ash, Phoenix opens the Way. Anpu holds open the door to the unlit realms of lower energy mesh, for the One Light to flow through; in all human hearts is this potential as the White Star centralizes.”

This next photo comes from a dear star brother, Richard George, taken last week in/over the USA. This light form beautifully symbolizes the falcon/eagle of the Ashtar Command and/or the bird people.

Photo courtesy of Richard George

Photo courtesy of Richard George

It is also a fine signifier of the incoming energies of the Divine Child, through the union of the Cup of the Sacred Feminine and the Sword of the Sacred Masculine. When this union is complete and full, the Child is conceived in immaculate energies of grace. In all of us, where the inner union takes place, balanced and merged in pure unconditional Love, we experience our own Immaculate INception….as our ‘ascended/raised’ frequencies of this 3D form open to embrace the ‘descending’ energies of our Higher or Source Selves. We are indeed the Cup and Sword, the holy Grail and white light Excalibur, in One, reflected in Divine Union, birthing into the New.

From channel Méline Lafont:

“The I AM Presence is descending at this time, this differs from person to person and depends on the consciousness state of BEing. Instead of us taking off in a more etheric plane and having the urge to fly up there, we are being brought more into that which we actually want to exit: the physical plane! why is that? It is because our I AM Presence is descending in and reblending with this physical form of ours that we need to be more here and grounding those light frequencies that we are, to experience it in the physicality and BE. We also have to deal with more challengings and triggers that we need to face NOW, all must make place in order to allow the I AM Presence to come in and reblend; the road in needs to be pure and free.”

‘In order to allow the I AM presence to come in and reblend, the road in needs to be pure and free.’ Yes, it does, and a strong stream of Light is being steered in now to facilitate this freeing. Despite ISON’s apparent disintegration in physical as it passed the Sun, its path/purpose is not yet complete, and the dates 26-28 December are marked as a special ‘gift-giving’ time. Meanwhile, on this peak day of the Solstice, give yourself space for your heart to breathe IN the white ray of the phoenix, opening the way for the gold of the Son. ‘I, Son, Is On ISON.’ Within all breasts, may the Christ-light blossom and re-New the fragments of the Cup into wholeness again.

Here’s a beautiful Orb I photographed two nights ago, in this ongoing joyous, magical play of comet energies: this orb, radiating Archangel Gabriel’s energies of Immaculate INception, came down, as you can see, like a blazing comet.

Orb form of Archangel Gabriel's energies
Orb form of Archangel Gabriel’s energies

Thank you and all Love to Jesus Immanuel Sananda and his Twin Soul, Lady Nada, who was incarnate as Mary Magdalene, and all aboard the New Jerusalem, to Ashtar, the Archangels, all members of the Ashtar Command, the Galactic Federation, the Procyon, Kryon, Altairians, Cygnians, Venusians and many others involved in this enterprise, a truly collective, merged act – ongoing acts – of Love. I love you All.

Thank you to Richard George, and another dear brother Bareld Nijboer (my co-admin at the FB group, HUG), who has a related message, from Sananda, at his website LoveHug. You can also find Méline Lafont’s messages here.

Happy Solstice, everyone, and much Love. Wishing all of us the greatest Joy! Wherever you are today, singly or in groups, connect your Light into the crystalline network all around and within the Earth, and Know that we are all One, uplifting with Gaia. I’ll leave you with the words of a carol as we head now toward Christ Mass:

‘Star of wonder, Star of night, Star with royal beauty bright, Westward leading, Still proceeding, guide us to thy perfect Light………’

ISON, Hubble telescope, courtesy NASA

ISON, Hubble telescope, courtesy NASA

Love to All. Namaste! :)

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