Burning Bush 234
Well, maybe not quite…. but you get the idea.

I’ve been asked to comment on the tsunami of love that’s predicted to occur at some near but unknown point in the future.

The Divine Mother has spoken about it on An Hour with an Angel and others have spoken of it as “the Event.” She said:

“The event as you are referring to it is the wave of love that is sweeping the planet. You have only begun with my gift of clarity to have a tiny baptism. Think of it as a drop on the forehead. Well, get ready for the tsunami.” (1)  

The concern of the reader who asked me to comment was that, when people experience transformative love, versus, say, romantic love, they may not know what’s happening.

The coming of this wave of transformative energy has been predicted for some time. The most famous prediction of it comes from White Brotherhood master Beinsa Douno just before his death in 1944. He said:

“A gradual improvement is already occurring in the thoughts, sentiments and acts of humans, but everybody will soon be subjugated to divine Fire, that will purify and prepare them in regards to the New Era. Thus man will raise himself to a superior degree of consciousness, indispensable to his entrance to the New Life. That is what one understands by ‘Ascension.’” (2)

He went on to describe it pretty much in terms that we’ve heard more recently.

“Some decades will pass before this Fire will come, that will transform the world by bringing it a new moral. This immense wave comes from cosmic space and will inundate the entire earth. All those that attempt to oppose it will be carried off and transferred elsewhere.

“Although the inhabitants of this planet do not all find themselves at the same degree of evolution, the new wave will be felt by each one of us. And this transformation will not only touch the Earth, but the ensemble of the entire Cosmos.

“The best and only thing that man can do now is to turn towards God and improve himself consciously, to elevate his vibratory level, so as to find himself in harmony with the powerful wave that will soon submerge him.

“The Fire of which I speak, that accompanies the new conditions offered to our planet, will rejuvenate, purify, reconstruct everything: the matter will be refined, your hearts will be liberated from anguish, troubles, incertitude, and they will become luminous; everything will be improved, elevated; the thoughts, sentiments and negative acts will be consumed and destroyed.” (3)

Here is what Blossom’s sources have said about it:

“Many, many lifetimes have been embarked upon in order to arrive at THIS VERY MOMENT IN TIME.

“Oh, how we desire to express more profoundly … yet we are unable.

“We say that you are to experience a sense of euphoria … and in that FEELING OF IT … you shall KNOW of humility. You shall KNOW of LOVE in its TRUTH and how it FEELS inside the soul self to LOVE ALL AND EVERYTHING at the same time … without judgment.


“This is what is to come to you dearest souls. And in that moment … all that is not of LOVE in its purest form shall be forgotten.

“You have KNOWN of this FEELING before … yet you have been unable to access it. When it returns you shall remember it instantly and HOME shall come to you … whereas, for so long our dearest bravest souls upon Earth … you have felt that you were so far away from it.” (4)

Douno is not speaking about volcanic activity, or auto-combustion, etc. He’s speaking about love.

There are several things I’d like to say about the subject so as to lessen any fear people may have around it, especially if passages like Douno’s prediction are circulated before or during this planet-wide experience.

The first is that everyone who’s open to Ascension has been preparing for this wave over the last few years and much more so in the last year.  While it’ll definitely elevate, rejuvenate, etc., it won’t harm anyone.

That having been said, those who resist it and remain closed to it may definitely experience discomfort. And for some it may be so uncomfortable that actual symptoms may occur. Some may resist it so powerfully that psychological impact may be felt. So it definitely is part of the so-called “time of separation.”

My friend has said that it will open a new timeline. That may go along with the time of separation but I have no knowledge in that area to comment.

The second thing I wanted to say is that most of us, as far as I’m aware, have very little experience of transformative love and so we may misunderstand what’s happening.

The impact of transformative love is about as far removed from the impact of romantic love as a hurricane is from a summer shower.  There isn’t a part of one’s being that isn’t radically, if temporarily, recast, reconstituted and refashioned during an experience of transformative love.

I can give you one example from my own experience. I was in a Communication Workshop around 1980 and agreed to play a role in the workshop that invited a breakthrough.

Stepping into that role, which was very confronting, I had the breakthrough and found myself standing there like a spiritual floodlight, blasting love out to everyone in the room. I felt the heat of the love, which was like being on fire, to use Beinsa Douno’s words.

I described myself recently to a friend as like having been on fire and she quipped: “A burning bush, eh?”  Yes, indeed. It was like being a bush that burned and was not consumed.

We don’t feel this way when we’re in romantic love, even when we “fall” in love, are “lovesick,” or are “head over heels in love.”  There’s simply no comparison.

I used to say to myself that I was lucky if I experienced a minute of transformative love a year. In the last decade or two, I haven’t even experienced that much. It is very rare that we have a blowout spiritual experience like what I just described.

The reason I mention it is that, when we experience the tsunami of love, we may not even recognize it as love, it will feel so different. It could significantly knock us over and take some time to recover from and realize what just happened.

So I’m saying: It is love. This is it. This is what we’ve been waiting for. No, not Ascension. But a significant pre-game warm-up.


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