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A Radical Shift in Perception,Gemini Full Moon Activates the Galactic Center, Uranus Stations Direct

galactic center
Over the next few days, the Sun makes its annual journey through the part of the sky known as the Galactic Center (27 degrees Sagittarius), increasing psychic access to a much bigger frame of reference, and opening the gates of perception to new insights and information. This alignment also triggers a powerful release of the past, clearing out old trauma-based belief systems so we can see the present and future more clearly.

This resetting of our mental and emotional bodies happens just a few days before Winter Solstice (here in the Northern Hemisphere), when the solar energy is at its lowest. In the deep darkness of the season, we get a blast of cosmic Light from a source that astrologer Philip Sedgwick considers to be a kind of sun of our solar system – just as the Earth rotates around the Sun, our solar system rotates around the Galactic Center. (Get more insight into the Galactic Center and how to work with its energies by reading his excellent article here.)  

The Galactic Center is a feminine source of energy – dark, invisible, mysterious. We have to be quiet to receive its messages, and the cosmic wisdom comes through our bodies, our hearts, our dreams, our feelings and intuition – not through our rational minds. According to Christine Page, in her book 2012 and the Galactic Center, to some ancient cultures, the Galactic Center was the womb of the Great Mother, out of which the universe was born.

gemini full moon
Two additional planetary events on Tuesday amplify the power of this Sun-GC alignment – the Gemini Full Moon (1:28 am Pacific) and Uranus turning from Retrograde to Direct (9:39 am Pacific). Gemini is the sign of the rational mind, perception, connection and information, and the Gemini Full Moon reveals thought patterns, mental tapes and belief systems that undermine our ability to listen to intuitive guidance, and envision and create a more positive future (Sagittarius).

The Gemini-Sagittarius polarity asks:  Do you have space in your life to receive information from your own inner wisdom and to cultivate cosmic consciousness? Do your thoughts inspire feelings of faith, optimism and freedom? Are you overly attached to your version of “truth,” or overly adaptable to others’ ideas and opinions?

Uranus is the “higher octave” of Mercury, the planet that rules Gemini. While Mercury is the rational mind that gathers information, analyzes data, and reaches a logical conclusion, Uranus is the “higher mind” that operates at the level of the “planetary mind” or “universal mind” where you can get instant downloads of information without following a linear, logical process. In the Jeff Green school of evolutionary astrology, Uranus is associated with “deep memory” – collective trauma held in the universal mind or consciousness.

Uranus’s Station – apparent standstill in the sky before reversing directions – permeates the atmosphere with a spirit of revolution and revelation, collaborating with the Gemini Full Moon and Sun-GC alignment to inspire a radical shift in perception that liberates us from the stories that keep us locked in destructive paradigms. As the Trickster, Uranus rules reversals of all kinds, and in fiery Aries, these Uranian reversals can happen with amazing speed. What reversals do you want to animate, in your own life and the life of the collective? What’s the most liberating reversal you can imagine for yourself, for humanity, for the planet and beyond?

The challenge is – there’s a lot of amped-up mental energy flying around, a lot of distracting static in the atmosphere that can pull you out of your center and into the spin. To be able to tune in and receive the deepest, most useful, most fortifying-for-the-new-year level of information and guidance, it’s essential to carve out some quiet time.

For more insight into what this Full Moon means for you personally, find the house in your birth chart that contains 25 degrees Gemini. The areas of life signified by that house are where you are:  freeing your mind from self-defeating thought patterns; rebooting and updating your mental and emotional bodies; adapting your everyday life to align with your deepest wisdom and highest vision. Uranus turns direct at 8 degrees Aries, and the house that contains that degree is where you’re invited to:  prepare to move ahead with greater freedom and authenticity; liberate your creative genius; download a new vision for your future.

– Emily Trinkaus

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