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I have posted this Book The Ringmakers of Saturn in its entirety up on the site so do a search on it if you are interested in reading this story!-A.M.


Interview with Dr. Norman Bergrun – Author of the book Ringmakers of Saturn.

Ringmakers of Saturn is a book that should be read by everyone with a serious interest and stake in the question of ET intelligence and the overall phenomenon of the UFO subject.

The amazing photos taken from NASA spacecraft offer evidence that there are giant space vehicles in Saturn space performing incredible engineering work on the rings of the giant gas planet.

It is almost unimaginable that Dr. Bergrun could privately undertake such a detailed study of NASA Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 photographs of the rings of Saturn. He has discovered how the rings are being formed by emissions emerging from gigantic electromagnetic vehicles (EMV’s) possibly being controlled by a form of intelligence.  

For the complete interview search:
Norman Bergrun: Ringmakers of Saturn
Going Where the Data Take Us: The Norman Begrun website

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Source and author:  MongolianFyijak * link video * ringmakersofsaturn.com ringmakers

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