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Divine Mother 59348Written by Steve Beckow, the Golden Age of Gaia, http://goldenageofgaia.com/2013/12/lifting-the-veil-part-12/

(Continued from Part 11.)

The Event – 4

Let’s continue with a detailed look at the events that will see the lifting of our veils of forgetfulness. Congratulations to everyone who’s stayed with the story till now.

We’ve listened to the Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild. We’ve heard similar descriptions from other sources.

Now here’s the Divine Mother in mid-November telling us that her baptism of clarity had been just a drop on the forehead and that the events would continue. What is being referred to as “the Event,” she said, was like a tsunami.

“[What you refer to as “the Event”] is another expansion of your ability to hold love and heart consciousness. The more you expand your capacities and your willingness to hold heart consciousness, which is the totality — and I do mean the totality — then when you do that, you are in full preparation.  

“And it is not simply a singular moment. And you already have been experiencing these waves. And what I suggest to thee, all of you, is as you experience these waves, return to them, bring them back, call them forth again and again and again. You will feel in and out of body, and there is nothing to fear about that. It is the process of becoming.

“So the event as you are referring to it is the wave of love that is sweeping the planet.

“You have only begun with my gift of clarity to have a tiny baptism. Think of it as a drop on the forehead. Well, get ready for the tsunami.” (1)

More recently St. Germaine asked us to open to the love being sent to us so that we can deepen our understanding of our purpose in being here.

“You are so tremendously supported in your current lifetimes and we wish for you to know that we are guiding you to continue to step into your divine unfolding purpose upon the Earth.

“You may not understand your purpose but we will say to you with the deepest of love you are walking and existing as your divine purpose now, in this very moment. Acceptance that you now exist as your purpose and that your purpose is your existence will allow a great wealth of insights to be accessed from your soul.

“Often through content rather than striving we are able to access the deepest knowledge of the soul. Please allow yourself to open up completely to receive the love flowing from your family with the universe of the Creator, we wish to recharge, refuel and inspire you with the brightest of light and quick vibrations so that you may exist in remembrance of the Creator upon the Earth.” (2)

At the end of November, Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman devoted a whole monthly message to the subject of the unveiling of our consciousnesses. He began by reviewing what we agreed to before coming to Earth.

“Beloved Masters, you came from far-distant Universes, Sub-Universes, Galaxies and Planets, and you brought with you a wealth of cosmic information, which was stored within your Sacred Mind for future access. There were stringent requirements you had to pass and solemn vows you had to make.

“You agreed to come to Earth during these momentous evolutionary times, and then incarnate into greatly diverse and often very difficult circumstances. You made a pledge that when the time came for you to step onto the path of Ascension, you would allow us to set aside your free will so that we could take whatever measures were deemed necessary to awaken you.

“For many, it resulted in a Soul merge, and others who had already awakened to their Soul Self were ready for a merge with a facet of their Higher Self. When the Soul finally merges fully with the Sacred Heart, it is a grand reunion of monumental proportions. When your intentions are composed of wisdom overlaid with Love and projected with purity, you become a powerful source of Sacred Fire energy.

“This awakening resulted in a mass Divine discontent among what we will call the ‘advanced guard.’ You all have experienced some of the diverse and momentous transformations that have taken place among the masses. You have also observed or have been affected by the accelerated Earth changes, which have increased in frequency, and are continuing on a regular basis.

“Most of you, who have consciously made an effort to reclaim your Divinity, through whatever means you were/are attracted to, are among this advanced group of souls. You agreed to be the examples, and you are willing to do everything within your power to ease the way for others by becoming sentinels of Light, Wayshowers and World Servers.” (3)

He explained to us what was happening and how it would affect us.

“The Superconscious Mind and the many facets of your Higher Self are the link to the Spiritual realms. First, you may begin to get flashes of information/inspiration via your intuitive abilities and during meditation. The powers of the mind are greatly enhanced as an aspirant on the path becomes more proficient and comfortable in using the higher frequency patterns of the Sacred Mind.

“As a result of tapping into the higher frequency realms of the brain structure, a good portion of your memory of past events will begin to fade as you move out of the realm of the instinctual brain/mind into the realm of the Higher Mind. Ascension is mind-expanding, a process of passing from one state of consciousness to another. The awareness expands to include all humanity, the Earth, the solar system and its workings. No longer is the focus on the little self. The ultimate goal is to become a Galactic Being and eventually attain a universal consciousness.

“As you become proficient at accessing the power and majesty of the higher frequency dimensions – you begin to get a glimpse of how wondrous paradise can be – and the excitement begins to build. That is what is happening all over the world. It is a very personal experience, for you can have confusion, turmoil and chaos around you and still be centered in the calm eye of peace and joy. As time goes by, you will find that your center of peace will extend out farther and farther, and as more of you begin to tap into the eternal power of perfection, it will spread faster and faster until it encompasses the world.” (4)

He told us there were no short cuts to our awakening, an awakening so powerful that it was affecting even those who had chosen to remain asleep till now.

“There is a great stirring taking place among the masses, those who until now were not ready to listen to the inner nudgings of Spirit or delve into the mysteries of Creation that are beginning to flow on the currents of higher frequency RAYS of the new Divine Blueprint.

“We have said that you have been very brave to step out of your comfort zone, out of the mass consciousness flow of popular beliefs into uncharted territory. You have been willing to face up to many challenges and tests, and you have not been deterred by those who said you were wrong, evil or wishful-thinkers. You are proving that what you have accepted as your truth is indeed working, and the validation is concrete and visible for all to see so that there can be no dispute. Fear is the greatest deterrent to change, but you are learning to tame your fears and you are claiming your Sacred Will-power. …

“Many of you have learned the discipline necessary to hold your visions without wavering, and you are learning that the miracles of manifestation take place one clear thought, one step or action, and one day at a time. There are no shortcuts, Beloveds; you must follow the Universal Laws of Manifestation in order to harness the power of Creation.” (5)

He advised us that all our services will be needed to assist in this newest wave of awakening.

“You are being called to join the leadership Light team, those who will show the way for the beautiful souls now awakening from their spiritual slumber. Thousands are needed to facilitate and assist in this next wave of awakening that is now in progress, for it encompasses millions upon millions.

“Even those still in denial are becoming aware that something profound and unprecedented is taking place on Earth. These souls will not have to go through the extensive cleansing, clearing and painful processing that so many of you have experienced. Indeed, you have opened the way and have the knowledge that will help them to move quickly through the awakening process and into empowerment.

“You are the examples and the Wayshowers, for you are destined to teach those around you the simplified steps necessary to clear their old thought patterns, so that the Divine Light of the Creator may begin to take dominion within their heart center.

“You are major players, my brave Ones, as we move to the next higher spiral of evolution. By now, we hope that you are beginning to accept what we tell you, that you are all beautiful Beings who carry a precious Spark of the Creator within your heart/soul. Allow your Higher Self to inspire and guide you, but please step to the fore and use the knowledge, wisdom and skills that have been so dearly won.” (6)

He explained to us the new spiritual territory we were now venturing into. Teachings such as this were reserved only for the hardiest intiates in past eras. And now they are being freely set before us.

“We have told you that the Supreme Creator has begun to emanate the rarified Love/Light Essence from the heart core of Its Being (Adamantine Particles of Pure Divine Light substance). This Essence contains all the facets of Creation, which include the Seed thoughts, energy components, and grand designs for never-before-experienced new creations. Within these wondrous multiple beams of Creator Light are newly-activated, black-spectrum Rays of pure unmanifested potential.

“The Creator is sending these Rays as a gift throughout this Universe, for they contain the stillness of the Great Void, which will be accessible to all who are brave enough to tap into the magnificent power of the Void of space, in order to be a participant in the creation of future worlds and galaxies.

“First came the Void and then came the Light, and within the Light were all good and wondrous things. The spectrum of Light would not be discernible without the many shades of darkness. Many of you fear the darkness and your shadow side, perceiving it as evil. Beloveds, if all is a part of the ONE, the Creator, how can there be anything to fear when you are filled with God Light?

“You as humans have created many things to fear, but these things are not the Creator’s doing. Do you fear the Great Void that is the backdrop for the stars and constellations? Some of you fear the night, but it is not the darkness that you can blame, but the hurtful things that humans do under the cover of darkness. We wish to help you to begin to investigate and transmute those old self-limiting concepts so that you may broaden your horizons and assume your cloak of Light. With the gift of Light comes a great responsibility, the leadership role that we outlined for you earlier.” (7)

Finally he asked us to take up this challenge and live from our heightened states of awareness, helping others to emerge alongside of us.

“We ask you to LIVE your lives with a heightened sense of awareness; to FEEL the joy of being connected to All That Is, and then share the joy with others; to use your WILL power to move swiftly along the path of enlightenment, so that as you gain a higher vantage point, you can more easily assist others over the rough spots. Endeavor to LOVE others with all your heart and soul, as the Creator loves you; to SPEAK your highest truth with love, compassion, and discernment; to SEE the best in everyone; and to know that we are all a part of the same great I AM.” (8)

This certainly is a tremendous amount to digest. But it also shows us, I hope, that these are definitely not normal times, that the opportunity before us to benefit from these times and to serve the whole world are right here before us, free for the taking but carrying heavy responsibilities as well.

In our next article, we’ll wrap up our detailed look at how we’re to emerge from under veil.

(Continued in Part 13.)


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