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Enlightenment 213Written by Steve Beckow, the Golden Age of Gaia, http://goldenageofgaia.com/2013/12/lifting-the-veil-part-11/

(Continued from Part 10.)

The Event – 3

Archangel Michael reminded us in an interview in early August that there wasn’t going to be just one event. “This is a series of events,” he said.

“This is not simply a singular, one-time undertaking or happening. … And in some ways that you perhaps do not fully comprehend — and that is all right — these events are already underway.” (1)

In early August as well, Mira of the Pleiades assured us that the “events” we were hearing more and more of were designed to strip away the veil of forgetfulness.

“What I can tell you at this time is that the stage is set for some unusual occurrences. Events will occur that you would not have imagined. Fear not for it is all a part of the stripping away of the veil of forgetfulness leading into the full remembrance of who and what you are as Multi-dimensional Beings.  

“These occurrences will coalesce into a powerful form that will catapult you and the planet into a much higher level of consciousness. Are you ready?”  (2)

Very little remains of the Third Dimension, he said.  There will now be no escaping the need to arrive at new, more loving solutions to the problems that faced us.

“There is little time remaining for third dimensional conclusions. This includes every area in your lives as well as the Earth’s. You will need to garner new solutions to solve problems. You will find these new discoveries bring swift results with remarkable outcomes.

“This means that you will need to remain open to change and not feel like ‘We have always done it this way.’ The old excuses will not be feasible for as you move into higher consciousness you will find that higher frequencies require higher vibrational solutions.” (3)

On Oct. 20, Saul has been predicting for years that this Event was very close and, when it does occur, it will be seen to occur always in the Now.

“The message for today is ‘Be alert.’ The grand event is very close, and as it happens the joy that humanity experiences will be wondrous. You have been waiting eons for this great spiritual and evolutionary step forwards and upwards which was planned as soon as the ‘separation’ occurred, and its time is now almost upon you. Time is a difficult concept for you, being part of the illusion and seemingly very real, but in fact there is only ‘Now.’ Now is eternal, everything that happens happens now, there is no other time . . . there is no time!

“Nevertheless you are accustomed to your experience of the apparent, constant, and logical unfolding of linear time, and so the event will occur by and by, in time, and when it does, it will of course be Now, and then you will realize that you are, and always have been, eternally present in that state. Your very limited state of human consciousness has great difficulty with that concept, so, as Light workers and wayshowers inspired and uplifted by the grace of God, just accept, as at the depths of your being you do, that what has been promised is about to occur.” (4)

He said that the Event will lift us into a new state of all-knowing.

“There are extremely few of you, the Light bearers and wayshowers, who do not get some sense of the intense energy of impending change, of essential change, that is enveloping your lovely planet in preparation for your upliftment into a far higher state of awareness, intelligence, and wisdom, which is the next stage in your ongoing and entrancing journey of spiritual evolution.

“You were created perfect, and God gave you everything – LOVE! It is just that in your present state of individual personal limitation you cannot understand what that really means, but you are about to find out. Oneness knows all that there is to know, and when you open into awareness that you are One with all of God’s divine creation, all knowledge will be instantly available to you.” (5)

It won’t overwhelm us, he said, but it will transform our powers of knowing.

“It will not overwhelm you as does the inundation of information that you are now experiencing on Earth, but it will meld with you instantly as you choose and make the decision to avail of any part of it that appeals to you. You will all be instant experts (in fact you already are) in any field of knowledge to which you feel drawn.

“I want to stress that you will be true experts, unlike so many in your unreal realms who claim to be experts or who are ‘recognized’ as experts, but who most certainly are not and never could be because the limits that you built into the illusion when you constructed it make that an impossibility. A real wide awake expert knows. Earthbound experts believe, and then when more knowledge is gained, they release those beliefs and embrace new ones. It is not a wonder that you are all so confused . . . even those who claim not to be.” (6)

In mid-September, Aisha North’s sources gave us a glimpse of the magnitude of what was to come.

“It might not seem like it for some of you at the moment, but you are indeed already starting to step into your new shoes as it were. Or rather, you are starting to step into your old shoes, the ones that show your real imprint, and who will take you far, far into the future. For what you truly are, is so much more than what you have already seen.

“And even if some of you have already gotten more than a few short glimpses of the real you that is still very much hidden behind this veil of forgetfulness, know that this too is simply a tiny little taste of what you have in store.

“For what you have in store, is of such a magnitude you will not even be able to wrap your head around it at this stage. But soon you will, and it will blow away all of the cobwebs still clinging on to that old and worn human frame you still consider as the ‘real you’.” (7)

In early November, they began to discuss with us our new work.

“As you all know well by now, the age of creativity has begun, and with it, a whole new set of tasks will be made available to you all. We know that this will sound daunting for many of you, but again we remind you that you have much previous knowledge in these areas. And as such, you will not err on the next step on your journey.

“For you have all been well trained dear ones, and remember, you have been hand picked to perform these tasks that now lie before you, and as such, we have perhaps more confidence in you than you yourselves have at the moment.” (8)

It was the impact of the veil of forgetfulness that took away our confidence, they say.

“The forgetfulness that was drawn like a heavy blanket over you all as you descended down to this earthly abode a long time ago has not been easy to penetrate.

“But now, it is as if someone has taken hold of one of the corners and started to ease it slowly and gently off you, and so, you can all see how the light is coming in and hitting your very soul for the very first time in this incarnation. For now, the old forgetfulness will serve you no more, and you will be asked to rub your eyes, sit up, and start to take stock of the situation.”  (9)

Our work will not be stress and strain, they say, but the manifesting of miracles that are already here.

“For as this new light starts to seep in, it will reveal that you are in fact surrounded by miracles waiting to become on all sides, and all you have to do, is to acknowledge them. In other words, there is no need to get all stressed out by contemplating all that needs to be done, all you have to do, is simply to think of what is already there, waiting to become just by you being aware of it.

“In other words, this is not a process where you will be asked to toil and sweat, bearing heavy burdens uphill, forever straining against the current.” (10)

Around the same time, the Light Collective through Tazjima corroborated what Saul said – that we will come into all-knowing.

“As you become consciously aware of your true divinity, all the knowledge and wisdom that resides within your heart and soul will become available to you.” (11)

(Continued in Part 12.)


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