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by Guest Blogger: Darius Gottlieb on 6 December 2013

Powerful Poetry...Credo No. 1

Credo No. 1

I bring you unexpected good cheer  

There is still a surplus of abundance
To unfold to magnificence
And to petition the Universe to persist
In a place of endlessly irrepressible joy

The morning will again appear
And the crowning of your life
Awaits the sacred court of your inevitable arrival

Here you are again
Delivered to this moment
As if it were your first time

As the earth moves at 66,700 miles per hour
And you haven’t yet fastened your seat belt

Tumbling, tumbling, tumbling through time and space,
Flowering to what you are destined to become

The blazing sun informs the voluptuous night to return
To her purple-clocked coffin, shimmering
With her blanket of radioactive stars

And here you are, again,
Tripping towards the majestic light
Which informs the gist of your summons,
Everything which is vital and renewed

Surely, you must eventually examine knowledge
That every color of the rainbow is available
To be excreted by your soul
And should you be unwilling to express yourself with your heart,
What could you possibly gain?

I’ve been told to impart urgent instructions
That you are given a few choice words at the onset
And then it is beholden to you to construct complete sentences
Virtual paragraphs for fully realized chapters
Which will forever tattoo you to a fabric of infinite space

The Gods ask only one thing of you upon this glorious debacle,
And that is to participate
Remembering that if you refrain from full throttle,
You shall continue to remain small —

And your soul is as expansive as its imagination,
As tall as the columns
Which support the inner sanctum of your adoration
For an unwavering and unapologetic commitment
To love

Darius Gottlieb
[Poetry by Darius Gottlieb; contact Darius at CelloHeart@gmail.com or on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/DariusPoetry%5D
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Author: Guest Blogger: Darius Gottlieb

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